Wordy Favors

Whenever I have gone to a wedding, the favors are usually adorable and really go with the wedding, but when it comes time to take it home, I can only think, “What am I going to do with this?” Since my wedding is very quickly becoming almost entirely DIY, I thought why not add favors to the list? I wanted to find a favor that went with our theme, and was something people could take home and use.

Our theme involves really involves literature. I’m hoping to use lots of books as decorations and have readings from famous love stories. And of course I want the theme to carry throughout the reception. After a lot of looking around on Pinterest I was seeing lots of cute Scrabble letter decorations. Since I was already planning on incorporating the Scrabble game in the reception for people to play, it would be really nice to tie in little Scrabble touches throughout the reception.

Here are some of the cute Scrabble touches I found:

And of course: an epic Scrabble cake (this is choice of cake #2 but I don’t think it can be done with buttercream…)

But what I finally decided on is Scrabble related, and it’s something people can use everyday: coasters!

Click on the picture for the how to!

The best part of these coasters is they serve a dual purpose for the wedding. The tutorial tells you to stain certain scrabble letters to spell out someone’s name or a word. Your only limitation is that it cannot be more than 5 letters as the coaster is 5×5.  So these coasters will be the place cards AND the favor! When the guests come in, they will see a table with the coasters arranged  according to table number, they can find their name and head to their table, use the coaster throughout the night, and take it home for a great accessory!

There will probably be people there who are plus ones, of whom I do not know the name. Those coasters will be paired with the guest (I’m sure I’ll use a ribbon or burlap to bind them) but they will say something generic like “love.”

They are a great favor for small weddings that really add a personal touch. The best part is the only pricy part of this is buying the letters,  but if you are planning so far in advance, space out your order of letters, $40 here and there will never be missed, and before you know it, you have four hundred letters to work with! The only issue I find with these, is that they cannot be made till crunch time, when we know who is coming and who isn’t. Your R.S.V.P. cards are your key to making these favors. It’s a large last-minute project, I hope I can do it!


3 thoughts on “Wordy Favors

    • Thanks! I hope I didn’t bite off more than I can chew! My mom is awesome though, and helping with a lot of the crafty things, (she’s the one with the sewing machine and the talent), I am better at budgets. But I’m slowly learning!

  1. Great article and thanks for being so candid. We all go through these failures before we come out with our final usable product so its good to see that dodnuemtec. Keep it up.

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