A Final Note

I haven’t been posting for awhile because I was taking time to reflect and take stock of what direction I want to go. Now that our wedding is over, I have decided that the post of all our photos will be my last. My life has taken me in a different direction and I feel like I have given all the advice I can. I will keep the blog up as long as WordPress allows me to do so you can still go back to all the fun DIY projects!

Thank you so much for following me and coming along with me as I journeyed to the altar! It has been so much fun reading all your comments and getting feedback! Don’t worry, I promise to post the photos as soon as I can! I love you all for your support! It has been a wonderful journey!

I will keep up with Twitter and Instagram but I will be changing the name, update on the name to come! Please continue to follow me!

Thank you again, it has been wonderful!


Pictures Are In!

Our photographer sent us the picture web site link! They all look so beautiful! I can’t post just yet, but as soon as I get the files I’ll post SOOOO many! Here is one of my favorites:

You can see some of the awesome photos on our photographer’s blog: Hello Love Photography
Casey was such a great photographer and I think she really captured us. I can’t wait to share the rest with you!

Am I Brave Enough To Trash The Dress?

I haven’t decided yet…maybe. I mean, this gorgeous dress I won’t wear again is just sitting around. Even if I sealed it up, no potential child of mine would wear it anyway because it’ll be out of style by then. If I choose not to trash, I may re-sell!

I know I’ve done a trash the dress blog before, but I love looking at these photos! I love my dress and I don’t know if I could ever have the courage to just destroy it. I almost wish I had another dress just so I could throw paint on it or dive underwater.

Here are a few more of my favorites!

Speaking of the gorgeous dress, our pictures will be on their way soon! 🙂

Cautionary Cake Tale

Today I have a cautionary cake tale. I love dessert, I mean, I make cakes…all the time. So a delicious cake was important to me. This is our cake:

Chocolate Cake with chocolate buttercream makes a delicious cake! Now take a look at this:

This is the first and last bite of cake I got! Do not forget to eat your delicious cake! I became totally distracted and completely missed eating the cake! Your wedding will be a whirlwind, if you can, have someone set aside some cake for you to take home. I was so sad I missed it, the one bite I had was delicious though!

A Place To Keep Your Memories

We journeyed to Medieval Times Saturday because he had never been, and we thought it would be fun! They give you a lot of neat little souvenirs to take home with you, I think we came home with a ton of medieval swag.

I want something to help us remember our fun trips, as well as all the knick-knacks left over from our wedding. I found some great DIY projects for preserving some of those memories.

My favorites are the calendar journal and the smash book. You can preserve tickets, pictures and souvenirs all in the same place.

Thinking About Elopement

I loved our wedding. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, it was just our style and everything came together like we wanted. However, there were many times during the process I thought about elopement. If you are a bride who doesn’t want to deal with all the work and money that a wedding really requires, you can still have a beautiful elopement. I decided today, to share some tips to a gorgeous elopement.

First, spend your money on an AWESOME photographer. You will not regret it. Getting the best photographer you can will really help create wonderful memories for you. All the best pictures at elopement are these private moments between the two of you, that may not necessarily have been captured in a big wedding.

Second, location, location, location.

Some City Halls are very beautiful, but no one says you have to get married there. For a small wedding of you both and the officiant most likely you can stand anywhere for free and get married. Why not pick a beautiful place that means something to you?

Third, details.

Including details help your photographer tell a story of your day. Have a gorgeous bouquet, statement jewelry, or maybe a great pair of shoes.

And lastly, tell people about it!

Everyone is going to want to know you got married! Why not send out an adorable announcement?

Has anyone eloped? Or, if you had a big wedding, and you had to do it over, would you elope?

DIY Find!

Things suddenly come to a screeching halt after you DIY your whole wedding. On the weekends I used to be juggling multiple projects, but now I have entirely free weekends. It feels, strange…

But that doesn’t mean I don’t still have a list of awesome projects I’d like to complete! This one is on the list:

Ever since I graduated from college I’ve acquired all different kinds of dishes. None of them match and are, for the most part, totally ugly. This is a great (and fairly cheap) idea for super cute dishes! Check out the full tutorial here!

The Details

Something that I was really proud of in our wedding was all the work we put into the details. I think it’s something that I think really made our wedding fun and memorable for us and our guests. Try and pick details for your wedding that are in keeping with your style and make it unique to you! Everyone will love to see your “couple” personality shine through!

Thank-You Card DIY

I am THE WORST when it comes to sending a thank-you card to people. It’s really not an effort, but for some reason I can never get my act together. Not this time! I made sure that the Thank-You cards were an immediate priority! In keeping with everything I had done for the wedding, I decided to DIY the Thank-You cards too.

This time, I did not find the idea on Pinterest, I actually just came up with it on my own. Super proud of me here. We had a small wedding, so doing these cards is not going to be an enormous effort on our part, however, if you had 200 guests, you probably do not want to do the Thank-Yous yourself.

The idea I came up with involves blank postcard size paper, Washi Tape (because that stuff is super awesome) and a Sharpie. Really simple and inexpensive.


You can find Washi Tape at any scrap-booking store, and I even saw some at Staples where I bought the blank post cards.

All I did was tape up the blank post card in a fun pattern, and write “Thank-You” in Sharpie. I practiced a font I liked on a separate piece of paper and sketched in pencil on the final before applying any Sharpie.


On the back, I noticed the Sharpie bled through the card. The simple solution was glue another card onto the back. I then drew a line down the middle like a regular postcard and added lines for the address. Now all we have to do is personalize them!


The biggest problem is actually getting all the addresses. If I was a better bride I would have kept a list…oops. So the “Being a Bride” tip of the day is: SAVE YOUR ADDRESSES! You can also provide envelopes near where the guests drop off the cards, that way they can fill out their address at the wedding and you don’t have to hunt them down.