A Place To Keep Your Memories

We journeyed to Medieval Times Saturday because he had never been, and we thought it would be fun! They give you a lot of neat little souvenirs to take home with you, I think we came home with a ton of medieval swag.

I want something to help us remember our fun trips, as well as all the knick-knacks left over from our wedding. I found some great DIY projects for preserving some of those memories.

My favorites are the calendar journal and the smash book. You can preserve tickets, pictures and souvenirs all in the same place.

DIY Find!

Things suddenly come to a screeching halt after you DIY your whole wedding. On the weekends I used to be juggling multiple projects, but now I have entirely free weekends. It feels, strange…

But that doesn’t mean I don’t still have a list of awesome projects I’d like to complete! This one is on the list:

Ever since I graduated from college I’ve acquired all different kinds of dishes. None of them match and are, for the most part, totally ugly. This is a great (and fairly cheap) idea for super cute dishes! Check out the full tutorial here!

Thank-You Card DIY

I am THE WORST when it comes to sending a thank-you card to people. It’s really not an effort, but for some reason I can never get my act together. Not this time! I made sure that the Thank-You cards were an immediate priority! In keeping with everything I had done for the wedding, I decided to DIY the Thank-You cards too.

This time, I did not find the idea on Pinterest, I actually just came up with it on my own. Super proud of me here. We had a small wedding, so doing these cards is not going to be an enormous effort on our part, however, if you had 200 guests, you probably do not want to do the Thank-Yous yourself.

The idea I came up with involves blank postcard size paper, Washi Tape (because that stuff is super awesome) and a Sharpie. Really simple and inexpensive.


You can find Washi Tape at any scrap-booking store, and I even saw some at Staples where I bought the blank post cards.

All I did was tape up the blank post card in a fun pattern, and write “Thank-You” in Sharpie. I practiced a font I liked on a separate piece of paper and sketched in pencil on the final before applying any Sharpie.


On the back, I noticed the Sharpie bled through the card. The simple solution was glue another card onto the back. I then drew a line down the middle like a regular postcard and added lines for the address. Now all we have to do is personalize them!


The biggest problem is actually getting all the addresses. If I was a better bride I would have kept a list…oops. So the “Being a Bride” tip of the day is: SAVE YOUR ADDRESSES! You can also provide envelopes near where the guests drop off the cards, that way they can fill out their address at the wedding and you don’t have to hunt them down.

Program Fans For Summer Weddings DIY

A little less than two weeks away! I still have a list of things to do but they are slowly getting checked off. I checked off one of those things today and got my programs printed! I also spent the better part of the day assembling them. I think they are totally worth it though, they are cute and functional!

So let’s start at the beginning! Materials:

1) Print out and cut out your programs in your fan shape. I created mine in Photoshop and traced around a picture of a program fan I found to create a template.

2) Scissors

3) Paper fasteners or “brads”

4) Hole Punch

Once you have made up, printed, and cut out your program pages you are ready to assemble them! Just a note, it’s best to print these on card stock to make the best fan.

The first step to assembling is to punch the holes. I have to pat myself on the back here because I had the idea to put a flower at the bottom making it really simple to punch every hole in the same spot. Since your programs will probably be different, make sure you measure and make a mark so every hole ends up in the same spot.

After you get all your pages punched put them all in order and insert a paper fastener.

And that’s it! All assembled and finished! The hardest part is cutting out each page. That took me forever. The actual assemblage took a few minutes.

Everything still doesn’t feel real! A week from today we will be on our way back to Maine!

Cleaning My Engagement Ring (The Cheap Way)

My ring is super dirty. After wearing it for all these months, and moving, I guess it just got SUPER grimey. There is, of course, always the option of bringing it to get cleaned, but I had to figure out a cheaper way to get it clean.

So if your ring is super dirty too, try cleaning it at home. Here’s what you need:

A Small Bowl
A Toothbrush
Baking Soda OR Dish Detergent

There are two methods you can use, one uses dish detergent, the other uses baking soda. The recipe is the same for both. I chose to use the baking soda, but for no particular reason.

First mix one part water with one part baking soda. I used 2 tablespoons, it may have been too much, but I thought it would be best for the ring to sort of soak in it.

Mix up the solution, drop your ring in, and stir it around so it costs your ring.

Once the ring is fully coated, take your tooth-brush and brush the stones and in all the grooves.

You can give it another pass for good measure if you want. Once you think you’ve gotten all the grime off of your ring, rise it under some water and wipe it with a towel. Now you’re all done!


Bouquets Are Done!

Happy Wedding Wednesday! The bouquets for the bridesmaids as well as my bouquet are done! Mom called in resources for this one. After making all the flowers, she asked a friend to help arrange them into gorgeous bouquets. She wants to keep my bouquet a secret for now, (after all some things should be a surprise) but I saw it and it’s gorgeous!

I can, however, share my lovely bridesmaid’s bouquets!


Programs Sneak Peek!

First thing’s first: ONE MONTH TILL WEDDING DAY!!!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

I have most of the program template done, so I thought I’d give you guys a peek!

Program Cover

This is just the cover. I am making a program fan so each of the pieces will look like this, and fasten together with a brad at the bottom. I really like the way they are turning out! Now I just have to scrape together enough money to print them! Happy Wedding Wednesday!