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  4. Hi Lauren,

    First of all, congratulations on your engagement/wedding!

    Secondly, I came across your site looking for plans/ideas to make a lawn Jenga game. I then paid attention to what your blog is all about. Your blog is of special personal and profession interest to me:

    1. Personally, because 20 years ago my wife and I were married on a “flat broke” budget. Looking back at the surface it wasn’t all that much of a wedding, but we were happy (still are), she was lovely (still is), and we were just excited to share our lives together (still are) and that was (and still is) all that mattered.

    2. Our kids in a few years will likely start thinking of marriage and my wife (who is gifted at gardening/landscaping) has slowly and beautifully (yet also on a tight budget) been preparing our yard to be reception worthy when that time comes… and while we are better off financially now than when we got married, things can still get tight… SO… your blog is not just great for other brides, but also a great source of ideas for us parents. I hadn’t thought of the idea for yard games at a wedding/reception, but that would be perfect considering we’ll likely have a few in our back yard. I was just going to make the Jenga for fun in general but it will be great for that, too. Also, my almost 16 year old daughter is having her sweet 16 party in our back yard and she and her friends will love Lawn Jenga–I’m not going to tell her I’m making it though; it’ll just be an extra cool surprise for them as part of the party.

    3. Professionally, I am a marriage and family therapist and do a lot of marriage prep work with my clients and in workshops. I can see your blog as a resource that I can refer my clients to for ideas and to let them know you can have still have a lovely wedding so long as your are willing to prepare, be resourceful, frugal and creative.
    Well, I just wanted to take moment and give you “due props” for a job well done and to wish you all my personal and professional best for a long and happy life together.


    Jonathan D. Sherman, LMFT

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