Pictures Are In!

Our photographer sent us the picture web site link! They all look so beautiful! I can’t post just yet, but as soon as I get the files I’ll post SOOOO many! Here is one of my favorites:

You can see some of the awesome photos on our photographer’s blog: Hello Love Photography
Casey was such a great photographer and I think she really captured us. I can’t wait to share the rest with you!


Cautionary Cake Tale

Today I have a cautionary cake tale. I love dessert, I mean, I make cakes…all the time. So a delicious cake was important to me. This is our cake:

Chocolate Cake with chocolate buttercream makes a delicious cake! Now take a look at this:

This is the first and last bite of cake I got! Do not forget to eat your delicious cake! I became totally distracted and completely missed eating the cake! Your wedding will be a whirlwind, if you can, have someone set aside some cake for you to take home. I was so sad I missed it, the one bite I had was delicious though!

The Details

Something that I was really proud of in our wedding was all the work we put into the details. I think it’s something that I think really made our wedding fun and memorable for us and our guests. Try and pick details for your wedding that are in keeping with your style and make it unique to you! Everyone will love to see your “couple” personality shine through!

Put Up Some Wedding Signs!

Today I was thinking about the signs to put up around the venue. Signs are really cute and can really look good along with the decor, but they actually serve a purpose too. If you have your ceremony and reception at the same venue, can direct your guests where to go, and show them what there is to do while they are waiting for pictures or dinner.

I put together a little montage of fun signs that are fun and functional!

Chalkboard signs are actually really easy to DIY. You can check out the tutorial here!

Bean Bag Game DIY Part 2

Finished Game Boards

So you’re done building? But these aren’t very pretty, so tell your handy-man that he’s done building (unless you’re the builder), then put your painting pants on!

Paint Materials:

1) One gallon of paint/primer OR A gallon of primer and a gallon of the paint color of your choice

2) One Pint of an alternate paint color that goes with your original paint color

3) A sample size of a nice accent color

4) Paint roller and pan

5) Nice paint brush (and probably a few other smaller paint brushes)

I wanted the boards to be white and I got paint and primer which comes in white. Here is where my lack of knowledge of everything build-y and paint-y comes in because I’m not sure if you can buy paint and prime all in one as a color other than white. If you can, that’s the best deal!

So first you need to paint your boards with primer. Once that is dry you can paint it. Since mine was a combo I did it all at once.

I ended up having to do a total of 3 coats to get everything completely white.

Now I don’t want to stifle your creativity, but I decided to do a chevron pattern for my game, so that’s what I’m going to detail (or try to)

The chevron pattern requires somewhat accurate measurements. Start off by marking off six-inch marks horizontally and vertically. Your lines will never meet your tic marks, they will be drawn an inch above and below your six-inch tic marks.


I need to apologize for the lack of pictures to help explain the most complicated part of the painting. I hope the diagram helps with the explanation, as well as the very crude drawings i attempted at 2AM. I, of course, am not one for doing math and making measurements, so I left it up to the hubby-to-be but forgot to ask him to take pictures. 😦 Hopefully my explanation was sufficiently non-complicated.

Since I wanted to put our initials on the boards, I traced a really large circle (I admit, it was a frying pan) and left it blank, so it looks like the chevron stripes are behind the circle. Once your lines are drawn it’s time to tape off the parts you do not want painted. This is completely up to you. I did it both ways. For one board I painted the thin stripes and for the other I painted the thick stripes. Also tape the inside of your circle so no paint gets on the inside of it.

Make sure you lay the tape down as smoothly as possible so you have less touch-ups to do. I also did three coats to make sure it was as opaque as possible. Once the paint is all dry, you can remove the tape, and PRESTO! Pretty chevron stripes!

There will probably be touch ups to do, just take your tiny brushes and be really careful.

I decided I wanted to do our initials in the blank circle, so I mapped out the letters to sort of go inside the circle along the edges.

I decided to tape around my initials and paint them that way.

I think the taping was more trouble than it was worth, so for my hubby-to-be’s initials I just free-handed it. I think they both look pretty good!

I’m so sorry for the lack of pictures! This was just what I decided to do with my boards, if anyone else makes their own, I’d love to see what you’ve done with yours!


Stay tuned for Part 3, there is still one more element to this game that needs doing!

Have Wedding? Will Travel!

So since our crazy selves are moving out-of-state before we actually tie the knot I thought it would be fitting to showcase some Wedding travel Pinspiration!

My fiance is working on getting job down there sooner, rather than later, so that we can move down together. If he gets the job, we will have to buy plane tickets and fly in for our own wedding! So I suppose it really has become a destination wedding!


Pinspiration! Outdoor Seating (Love!)

I don’t know what it is about a couch in the middle of a grassy field that’s relaxing and picturesque, but I am in LOVE with the concept of a wedding lounge area! I really think it gives everything a warm and inviting atmosphere.

So, for your Pinspiration today, I thought I’d show you what’s possible. Just because I can’t have a wedding oasis, doesn’t mean you can’t!Pinspiration

Corn Hole Bean Bag Game

Despite feeling over worked, I must press on to new projects. I am quite excited about the next one because we get to tackle it, yes we! This is actually something my hubby-to-be and I can do together, mostly because it involves power tools and they scare me…

I lived in Kentucky for a time and got hooked on a popular game called Corn Hole. It consists of a propped up board with a hole in it and a few bean bags. Sounds pretty simple but it does require some construction.

I think Corn Hole will make a great addition to the games we’ll have for our guests, especially when we personalize it! There are some really cute designs out there!

Now all that’s left is to get the materials and do it! I can’t wait, mostly because I really want to paint it!

Stamping Place Cards

I decided to keep our place cards simple. I’ll tell you, after DIY-ing all that I have, one can get a little DIY-ed out! But I’m committed (or I should be committed) so I decided the place cards should be stamps. It’s simple and doesn’t require tons of “moving parts.”

I used some stamps & and an ink pad (obviously), I got some pre-cut paper that is about 4″x9″, a ruler, and some colored pencils.

Before you stamp, create your place card shape. Fold the paper in half, and measure about 3/4″ on each end and fold to create a sort of stand. Then unfold it all and use your stamps. I eyeballed it for the most part.

If you want to, use colored pencils to make them pop.

When you have all your guests’ R.S.V.P. cards you can fill out the place cards. Don’t complete the last step until you’ve filled everything out!

Once the cards as filled out, tape together the bent ends. And you’re all set!

What do your place cards look like?

Skiing And Wedding Vows?

When they say “cold snap” in Maine they aren’t kidding…

Even further north it hit -20, and that’s before wind chill factor! I’m not sure why anyone would choose to live in a place where the temperature hits sub zero. I’m a little fed up with the living in a refrigerator.

The cold weather does offer some perks for adorable wedding planning! A wedding in the mountains, albeit cold, can be a beautiful backdrop for a ski-themed wedding!

Make sure if you are going to have a winter wedding that you keep all your guests warm with a nice cup of hot cocoa!

I don’t think I could take it in January weather, so if you can, you’re braver than me!