Pictures Are In!

Our photographer sent us the picture web site link! They all look so beautiful! I can’t post just yet, but as soon as I get the files I’ll post SOOOO many! Here is one of my favorites:

You can see some of the awesome photos on our photographer’s blog: Hello Love Photography
Casey was such a great photographer and I think she really captured us. I can’t wait to share the rest with you!


Finally Decided on a Guest Book…And it’s ordered!

I think I must have bounced from one guest book idea to another. There are a ton of creative ideas out there on how we could do our guest book. However, knowing us, while all the ideas are cute, after the wedding is over it is more than likely the guest book would be put away and we probably wouldn’t see it again. Take the fingerprint guest book, such a cute idea, but I know us, we would roll it up and probably forget about it. I had an idea to make recipe cards a guest book, which would have been super cute, but also would have ended up somewhere in the abyss of our house collecting dust. Because of our natural tendencies to hoard things and never use them, I don’t think fun ideas for a guest book would have worked for us. So I came up with a more traditional kind of guest book (in other words literally a book) but one that we would actually look that, and it wouldn’t matter if it made it on a shelf too.

It is here I should add that this is in no way an advertisement for

With that said, I went to a website called Shutterfly to create a guest book made up of our engagement pictures. First of all, it is a really good idea to print out your pictures. It’s just nice to have the physical book or print outs in your hands and you are more inclined to look at them that way…you know, when you aren’t scanning through your old Facebook pics. I figured this could kill two birds with on stone. We now have print outs of our favorite engagement photos and a place for our guests to give us well wishes.

Shutterfly is really simple to use, they also have apps for the iPhone and iPad. You start off by creating an account and picking the kind of book you want to create. I picked a 12×12 hard cover. You can create more professional style books, that allow for more creativity, but the price sort of skyrockets. If it weren’t for the price I would have opted for designing my own layout.

When you pick the size and layout that you want, you can start uploading your photos.

Shutterfly Layout
Once you upload your photos Shutterfly will arrange them in the layout for you. If you don’t like the layout you can remove the photos and change up where they are in the book. You can also adjust the cropping of a picture and add text in a few places. While the options of where the pictures and go and how they are laid out on a page are limited, it works really well for just making a nice guest book.

Ours is now finished and ordered! You can check it out on the link at the side of the page and see how I laid ours out. I wouldn’t be Flat Broke Bride if I don’t mention how you can save money! So right now Shutterfly is running some awesome discounts! When you go to check out, type in: UP40PB to save 40% on a standard book (hardcover or not) and also type in: SHIP30 for orders over $30. I ended up saving $33 on my order, which is huge! I’m not sure when this offer will end, so get in on it soon and turn your favorite photos into a photo book!

Engagement Shoot!

They came! Our engagement shoot photos! We chose Casey from Hello Love Photography to photograph our engagement shoot and our wedding. Casey is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, and has a real flair photography! We both felt so comfortable around her!

She drove from her home in Northern Massachusetts to come photograph us in Portland, Maine. We love Portland. It’s such a great city, with a wonderful artistic backdrop, we couldn’t wait to take our photos there! Maine is where we met and fell in love, so it will always have a huge place in our hearts.

Enjoy some of our favorite photos!



This is an amazing graffiti wall! Certain walls in Portland are legalized for graffiti, and this is the best one!





We really wanted to do a library shoot! In case you’re curious of the title of this one, it’s “The Lobster Gangs of Maine.” Apparently there are so many crustaceans they have organized…

This book was in the rare book wing of the library. It was published in Portland only a few blocks away!




If the wonderful photo-shoot isn’t enough to convince you that Casey is an awesome chick, check out the ADORABLE packaging she sent with our photos! (Sorry Casey, I had to share, just too adorable!)

Thanks again to Casey from Hello Love Photography! We had a blast!

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday! We even had a white Christmas…which would have been wonderful if I super loved snow…it is pretty though.

Our favorite Christmas present was the arrival of our engagement photos! Thanks to Casey from Hello Love Photography working tirelessly to get them to us before the holiday, we have some awesome photos to show you!

Here’s a sneak peek!

Casey put a few photos up on her blog too!
As for Christmas Day, we spent it how I assume all American families spend it, watching The iconic movie, A Christmas Story and debating the probability of shooting your eye out with a BB gun. Merry Christmas!

A Winter Engagement

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our lovely photographer had to cancel. These are things that happen when planning. This is probably the first of little snafus that are going to come along. I’d say we handled it pretty well, multitudes of e-mails were sent and the search was on for a photographer.

After a tireless search we are so happy to have found a wonderful photographer that is a really great fit for us! We are so excited to shoot our engagement session with her!

But now the engagement session is a winter session. So I need to find new inspiration, and new fun ideas for a shoot in the winter!

First and foremost it is SUPER important that we get some fun shots.

I love these photos, especially the one on the right! Part of an engagement shoot is to show off your personality as a couple and just have fun!

Photo By: Amalie Orrange PhotographyNo Credit Known For Photo On Right

Photo By: Amalie Orrange Photography
No Credit Known For Photo On Right

Everyone wants to see your jewelry! Why not get an awesome photo of your gorgeous ring!

The best thing about doing a photo shoot in December is making it Christmas-y! I love these photos!

And of course, take in the general splendor of the winter time! It may be cold but the snow paints a gorgeous backdrop for your shoot! I was worried because we wouldn’t have the springtime beauty, but the winter (as you can see) can be just as beautiful, and I’m really excited to finally have pictures of us!

Anyone have a photo-shoot done in the winter? What did you do?

Remembering A Loved One At Your Wedding

Thinking about death at a wedding seems like an oxymoron, but it is a reality for some couples. There are some beautiful ways to remember a loved one on your wedding day.

The most personal way to remember a loved one is to include their photo(s) on your person or in your decor. This makes the memory personal to you, without overtly bringing it up in your wedding ceremony.

If you want your guests to share in remembering your loved one(s) you can dedicate a song or a reading in your ceremony to them, or light a candle in their memory. If you want to celebrate your loved one’s fun side, ask your DJ or band to play their favorite dance song, or dedicate a signature drink to them.

Even through weddings are a happy occasion, there is no reason why you can’t share your happy day with the memory of loved ones. A wedding is about sharing the day with those closest to you and if those closest have passed on, you should have a special way to share it with them too.

Inject In A Little Silly!

I spend a lot of time mulling over details that I should consider when planning a wedding and how much it’s all going to cost. Things can get really serious, really fast. But that’s not us at all! We are a ridiculous couple who do ridiculous things all the time. We try to keep our life as silly as possible. Laughter happens to be the key to our relationship!

So I wanted to shake all the seriousness I’ve been feeling and bring the silly side of weddings to you! I’ve also been reading a lot of advice from former brides, and so many of them say to ignore anything going wrong and enjoy the day! I think so many of these brides and grooms took the enjoyment of weddings to heart. Come back down to earth and laugh with me today!

Alright, everyone says the mustache is dead, but I think this is one place it belongs. After all, if you are going to be silly with facial hair, the photo booth is the place to do it!

Photo By: One Love Photo

How can you not love this photo! Any time we get to spend together on our wedding day, you can bet that the boy will do something like this! How adorable!

If friends and family are a focal point of your wedding, do a fun photo with everyone!

So many people have said these kinds of photos are overdone, but who cares?! If you’re fun, and your friends are fun, why not do something like this? Guaranteed you won’t forget it…just make sure you trust them not to kick you in the head…

If you’re into stylish silliness, and whimsy, why not try a rainbow theme? Rainbows make everyone smile.

And why not leave your wedding in style? Silly style that is…

And of course when your hubby-to-be wants to know what it’s like to be a bride…

Photos By: Cream Pictures

No, no, no, WAIT!

I think I laughed outright at the couple switch…that’s commitment to silliness! Also, you can’t have a post about silliness without Monty Python! You haven’t appreciated silliness until you’ve appreciated Monty Python!

I hope you smiled this Friday! Please inject your own silliness into your wedding! If it’s supposed to be one of the best days of your life, at least make sure it’s fun too!