Pictures Are In!

Our photographer sent us the picture web site link! They all look so beautiful! I can’t post just yet, but as soon as I get the files I’ll post SOOOO many! Here is one of my favorites:

You can see some of the awesome photos on our photographer’s blog: Hello Love Photography
Casey was such a great photographer and I think she really captured us. I can’t wait to share the rest with you!


A Winter Engagement

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our lovely photographer had to cancel. These are things that happen when planning. This is probably the first of little snafus that are going to come along. I’d say we handled it pretty well, multitudes of e-mails were sent and the search was on for a photographer.

After a tireless search we are so happy to have found a wonderful photographer that is a really great fit for us! We are so excited to shoot our engagement session with her!

But now the engagement session is a winter session. So I need to find new inspiration, and new fun ideas for a shoot in the winter!

First and foremost it is SUPER important that we get some fun shots.

I love these photos, especially the one on the right! Part of an engagement shoot is to show off your personality as a couple and just have fun!

Photo By: Amalie Orrange PhotographyNo Credit Known For Photo On Right

Photo By: Amalie Orrange Photography
No Credit Known For Photo On Right

Everyone wants to see your jewelry! Why not get an awesome photo of your gorgeous ring!

The best thing about doing a photo shoot in December is making it Christmas-y! I love these photos!

And of course, take in the general splendor of the winter time! It may be cold but the snow paints a gorgeous backdrop for your shoot! I was worried because we wouldn’t have the springtime beauty, but the winter (as you can see) can be just as beautiful, and I’m really excited to finally have pictures of us!

Anyone have a photo-shoot done in the winter? What did you do?

Destination: Maine

Since it’s my home state, I need to toot its horn right? Speaking as someone who lives here, I don’t ever think of it as a destination wedding spot. Usually when anyone thinks “destination wedding” they think beautiful white sand beaches and aqua blue waters. But I have sort of come to understand that a “destination wedding” really means, “Do the majority of your guests have to travel far to get there?” And of course now that I have put myself into “The World Of Weddings,” I am looking at Maine in a whole new way: as a destination wedding spot. One of the coolest things about Maine is that it boasts all these little islands off the coast, that make for beautiful wedding venue.

So I thought I would show you a little of the destination wedding state I live in, and what better way to take a Maine wedding tour, than with a Maine wedding photographer! I chose a wonderful Maine photographer that works with Real Maine Weddings to give a couple a $100,000 for free! Emilie.Inc is the kind of loyal Maine company that knows how to really capture the beauty of the state. I love that they have the giving spirit and I LOVE that they love Maine!

The most popular place to marry in Maine is on or near the beach. There are so many beaches and islands to choose from, and many of them have a great old world charm that can really make your wedding stand out.

Photo By Emilie.Inc

Check out this great island venue that is a popular Maine wedding spot!

Photo by Emilie.Inc

The Inn at Peaks Island is such a cute spot for a wedding, with great views of the ocean!

Photo by Emilie.Inc

Photo by Emilie.Inc

If you aren’t a beach girl, but are still a fan of the water, Maine has tons of gorgeous lakes and woodsy spots for a rustic wedding lover!

Photo by Emilie.Inc

Photo by Emilie.Inc

After looking all around Emilie.Inc I found one photo that I HAD to show. I really think this photo captures the essence of Maine brides, outdoorsy, fun, and up for anything!

Photo by Emilie.Inc

How awesome is this photo! Definitely a one time thing, and hopefully the day AFTER the wedding! 🙂

Wherever you go in Maine to wed, there is one thing you CANNOT forget to include, especially for your out-of-state guests!

Photo by Emilie.Inc

Lobster! Or, as we say in Maine, Lobst-ah! This down east delicacy should be a part of every wedding. I don’t think I can get enough of lobster!

If you want to know more about Destination Maine, Emilie.Inc runs their own wedding blog, all about Maine weddings! It’s called Love & Lobster and it’s a great place to start when creating your Maine wedding getaway!

Saving the Date Yet To Be Determined…

On Saturday I completed a paper lily bouquet and I suppose I have something I am finally semi-happy with. It definitely needs some work, but I like the overall combination.

As I was finishing the last bits of this bouquet, I started to think about our guest-list. We obviously want to have immediate family and close friends there, but we have the opposite problem as most couples. We are actually trying to find people to attend. The biggest problem for my side is the distance. I am getting married in a state that is seven hours plus away from most of my immediate family, not to say that they wouldn’t come…I hope…but it’s still is inconvenient for them. On top of that, many of my close friends now live in different places across the country. His side is much the same problem, since many of his close friends were made in the military; most of them now live scattered all over the country.

As I am mulling over all of this, a sinking thought dawns on me: What if no one comes? I’m sure that other brides have had this thought, but most of them probably had scads of family and friends, one of them was bound to show! Jimmy and I are very much the same. He and I keep three or four really close friends, and have many acquaintances. My extended family would give their well-wishes I’m sure, but I doubt they would be able to make the trek (many of them also live scattered across the country). I’m sure this is probably just a panicked emotion that will be alleviated when RSVPs come back to us, but it still worries me.

In order to try to ensure that many of the people who live elsewhere know about us with enough time to plan some time off, we are definitely going to have to send out save-the-date invitations.

Has any other bride thought that save-the-date cards are a waste of money? They are like a pre-invitation to the invitation. I always thought that would be something I would leave out to cut expense. Unfortunately, due to the fact that many of our invited guests will be traveling, it is important they know more than a few months ahead of time so they can plan.

Instead of complicated printing hassles, we need a K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) save-the-date. At first I thought: postcard! One page, really easy to print, and quite cheap as well. Here are some cute ones I found:

The last one really brings up another good idea: picture save-the-dates. In our situation, this could be really nice, especially since most of our guests who live outside of Maine have never seen us together. It’s a good way to say “Meet Us!”

Another plus with picture save-the-dates is that sometimes photographers will include save the date cards with the photo engagement session. This can be a way for you to save on having to assemble something yourself, or go to an outside party.

Here are some cute photo save-the-dates:


Has anyone else noticed the save-the-date abbreviated is S.T.D.? I giggle a little every time I think about sending everyone an STD…

These are all really cute ideas, but THIS time I am confident in saying that the boy and I have decided to go a different route. I am incredibly frugal, and really like to spend no money if the situation should allow for it. Since we both have vast imaginations, and love spending time together, we thought of a really fun save-the-date project that we both love. It is fun, new, and very out of the box.

We are keeping mum for now, so instead I will share with you some out of the box save-the-dates others have thought of:

You will just have to wait for our EPIC save the dates! Think…animated… 🙂

Searching For The Anthropologie-Style

Some brides like to spend the bulk of their money on food, others the venue, me, I am spending the bulk of it on my photographer. It is too early yet to really seriously look for my partner-in-crime-to be. But I have been salivating over all the wonderful weddings posted on the blogs. I wasn’t sure it was possible to drool over photography. It is probably the part of the wedding planning that I am most excited about!

I think it’s because if I am going to spend 2 whole years pouring my blood, sweat and tears into this one event in my life, it is going to have to be documented wonderfully! The style I want for my photos was always hard to describe. I’ve used words like “vintage,” “ethereal,” “hazy,” but none of it seemed to convey exactly what I wanted, until I discovered my style had a name…Anthropologie. I realize this is also a fabulous store, but it is rapidly becoming a specific style or even a way of life.

See how the style is soft and almost ethereal? I love that the bride looks almost heavenly. How can one not fall in love with photos like that?

Since this area is the one area of my wedding where I am not too budget conscious, I am not too cautious about looking everywhere for a photographer. Here is my secret. I don’t look for local vendors on big wedding sites. Don’t get me wrong, that can be very helpful in finding an affordable local photographer, but my tastes were specific and I needed to find those specific people who can accomplish the style I want.

I am still shopping around, and here is what I do. I pull up sites like Wedding Chicks, Style Me Pretty, Intimate Weddings and a few others, and I find the style of photography I am looking for by looking around their “real weddings” sections. At the end of the post they usually list the photographer, I simply call upon the mighty Google, (or if their website is right there, I just click) and I find them. If they are someone I like, I find them on Twitter, file them under “Photographers” and now I have an itemized list of contactable photographers that I like!

Here are some more Anthropologie-style shots for you to drool over!

I’m still looking around! If anyone in the New England area knows of a photographer that captures all the little “moments” and can edit a style like this, please let me know! All of you mid-west and Cali people are lucky because they all seem to be living out there!