My New Relationship With Newspapers

I am in budget hell. We are not spending beyond our means, but we are instead spending ALL of what we have on bills and living expenses. As we are not in massive debt and don’t owe lots of money, complaining isĀ irrelevant, because while it is frustrating, we are not as in trouble as most people in this country, and are very lucky to be employed at all.

The fact of the matter is, saving money, in any capacity, is an impossibility as things stand right now. I started looking into many different forms of another income source that also wouldn’t tear me away from spending quality time as a couple. We are saving for a wedding, but we shouldn’t have to sacrifice our relationship. Believe me, when you are looking for another income source that won’t cut in on your free time, it’s a little bit of an oxymoron, however I am all about creativity and thinking outside the box. Combine that with a lucky break and you get the part-time work I settled on: Paper Carrier.

This is actually perfect for us, I get home from work late, we don’t go to bed to even later, so we would already be awake to pick up the papers, and we’d only have to stay up a tad later to get all of the papers delivered. Solve the staying up later by sleeping in later the next day, and it sounds like a good idea! The best part is, we can do it together, so it wouldn’t be taking any time away from our relationship.

As to every job there are drawbacks. The sleeping thing will probably get rough, and we cannot take a day off or a vacation, unless there is someone to cover the shift, and since we are each other’s cover, that could make things tricky. The other thing is, we’re in Maine so driving in snow will probably be horrible…so, he’s driving… šŸ˜‰

Now I that I have this new newspaper gig, I thought it might be fun to look up what I could do with any extra newspapers. The first one I found was actually quite interesting…how far will they take hauteĀ couture anyway?

Image via 100 Layer Cake Blog

Well, if I have plenty of newspapers left, and it doesn’t rain, perhaps I could make this little…ahem…beauty. Alright, it’s not all that bad, but I think me saying that is because the model looks so into it.

Here are some other, cuter, newspaper wedding ideas:

I’m really hoping this new endeavour will help take some of the stress off saving. No one ever tells you how hard it is, so I am: saving money is hard! Has anyone else had a tough time-saving for their wedding? Or for anything else for that matter! Ā Got any tips or tricks?