Am I Brave Enough To Trash The Dress?

I haven’t decided yet…maybe. I mean, this gorgeous dress I won’t wear again is just sitting around. Even if I sealed it up, no potential child of mine would wear it anyway because it’ll be out of style by then. If I choose not to trash, I may re-sell!

I know I’ve done a trash the dress blog before, but I love looking at these photos! I love my dress and I don’t know if I could ever have the courage to just destroy it. I almost wish I had another dress just so I could throw paint on it or dive underwater.

Here are a few more of my favorites!

Speaking of the gorgeous dress, our pictures will be on their way soon! 🙂


DIY Find!

Things suddenly come to a screeching halt after you DIY your whole wedding. On the weekends I used to be juggling multiple projects, but now I have entirely free weekends. It feels, strange…

But that doesn’t mean I don’t still have a list of awesome projects I’d like to complete! This one is on the list:

Ever since I graduated from college I’ve acquired all different kinds of dishes. None of them match and are, for the most part, totally ugly. This is a great (and fairly cheap) idea for super cute dishes! Check out the full tutorial here!

The Wedding Needed More Cowbell

When you go to a wedding everyone always clinks their glasses so the couple will kiss. It’s a cute tradition but when I saw this photo, I liked this route even more.

I thought our wedding needed more cowbell. I had a fever…and the only prescription was more cowbell. Ok that’s enough. 🙂 So I surfed around online and bought a pretty nice cowbell. Now all that’s left is to paint it!

I hope that the paint stays on!

Nobody judge my painting…it’s pretty bad, but I’m just going with “it’s rustic.” Now all that’s left is to attach the twine. For right now it’s hanging up in our living room!

DIY Chalkboads!

I had a great time while I was home! I gotta say though, not a fan traveling right now. My flight into Portland was delayed, then delayed again, then cancelled. Cue panic. The next flight into Portland wasn’t until 1:40pm the next day! I was able to squeeze into a flight to Boston that night and my superhero of a fiancé drove two-and-a-half hours to pick me up! Suffice it to say that I am exhausted and not ready to travel any time soon!

While I was home my mom and I decided to do a little DIY-ing! I had wanted to make my own chalkboard paint for some cute chalkboard signs to put around as decor, I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. My mom was ahead of the ball game and got all the supplies we needed! Instead of mixing our own paint my mom found chalkboard spray paint, which probably made it go on easier.

Here’s what you need:
Picture frames with glass
Chalkboard spray paint
Painter’s tape

Sorry I totally forgot to take a “Materials” picture! First, make sure you use your painter’s tape and cover your whole frame.20130411-190053.jpg

After covering the whole frame, get your sandpaper and sand the glass really well. The scratches you are causing will help the paint stick better.20130412-002135.jpg

After sanding, take the frame outside with your can of spray paint and prop it up as best you can.
When you start to spray make sure to keep moving, never stay in one spot on your frame otherwise you’ll cause drips on your frame. The best way of doing it is one coat at a time. I think 3-4 should be a good estimate. Although, I did a bunch at once, so I’m not sure how many coats we did, we just kept going till the can ran out.20130412-002655.jpg

When you are finished spraying, wait 24 hours for them to dry. We put the frames in the garage, but an indoor, undisturbed place is fine. After the 24 hours is up, take off the tape as carefully as possible.20130412-002921.jpg

Next take your chalk (read the instructions on your spray can for what kind of chalk to use) and rub it sideways all over your new chalkboard and erase with a felt eraser. You are now all done!


These are great for the wedding, but I think they would also be really cute as home decor too!

Why Trash Your Dress?

Photo By: Nadine

I love this photo. Like…a huge fan. First of all, it would be so much fun to have paint chucked at me, and to potentially chuck paint at my hubby-to-be. Basically I want to be in a photo shoot where I get to chuck paint.

But in all the photos of trash the dress I’ve seen (especially those where paint is involved) is entirely trashed.

I hate to say it, but I cannot bear to see the dress I walk down the aisle in be trashed. But who wants to miss out on all that fun? So even though I am all about pinching wedding pennies I have a better idea where you can keep your gorgeous dress and STILL have tons of paint-splattering fun!

Ready for it? Buy. Another. Dress! A dress for trashing. Now of course your first reaction is “What?! I spent tons of moolah on my first dress!” I would NEVER suggest you spend that kind of money on a trashing dress! Instead, take between thirty and fifty dollars and buy yourself a cute white dress in which to totally mess up.

Here are a few I found from (If you love vintage clothes but haven’t been to the site you MUST check it out!)

Call me crazy but I think it would be extremely fun to put colorful paint all over these beautiful dresses! What do you think of Trash-the-dress? Is it worth it to you to trash your wedding gown?