Registering & Avoiding Its Headaches

I did it. I registered. For stuff. I know, I know, we have A LOT of stuff, but there are a few things we need/want. I still plan on registering for a honeymoon fund. I still have this unsettling feeling about the little fees that come with it, but I just feel that a honeymoon fund is really right for us.

I decided to go with, which allows you to pretty much register for anything you want on the internet. If you can dream it, you can register for it. But something else comes with registering that I wasn’t expecting…guilt. Am I weird? I hate asking people for stuff! I get we are throwing this big party for our wedding, but asking all of our friends and family to come from all over to attend is asking a lot, and then “oh by the way, please bring a gift” on top of that seems like too much. I feel like picking cool things we want is like making us entitled. “We got married, so we totally deserve that ice cream maker…” Seriously, ice cream maker, is on our “must buy” list, so I registered for it.

So if you can get past the horrible guilt of wedding charity, here are a few ways to make the process of registering easier.

1) Register at a bunch of different places. Now, I sort of did that by going to I just went to a bunch a different stores and picked the items I wanted. You can also register with all those different places and sync your lists in that one place.

Yes! There is an Etsy wedding registry! I suddenly have TONS more room for stuff in my house!

2) To abate my guilt in asking for stuff, I have made sure nearly everything on my registry is affordable. The most expensive stuff is bedding…apparently to have a basic necessity of life you need to shell out 200 plus dollars on it. Other than that, everything is under (way under) $100. You can register for expensive things, but if everything on your list is expensive, than people like me, on my income, cannot afford to get you a wedding gift. Have some things on there for every budget, and give your guests the option of being generous.

3) Read the FAQ of every site! So important, because many sites can have fees, and if you can avoid it, you shouldn’t pay fees!

4) Make sure your address is hidden, even from your guests, it just makes it easier to protect you and your identity, especially if your registry is universally searchable on the site.

5) Think of keeping duplicate gifts! Just because you got a ton of dishes, doesn’t mean some of your stuff won’t break, and you have the back up dishes to replace it! If not (and you are the most careful person ever), you can always sell it or pass it on to a family member. And, you didn’t hear this from me…but you can…re-gift…

And remember, if no one buys anything from your registry, it’s ok! Most people are more comfortable giving cash in a card at a wedding. Nowadays, guests feel it’s more polite and useful to give cash.


Wedding Websites!

This is a techy sort of week I guess! Believe it or not, even though I run a blog about weddings, it hadn’t even crossed my mind that I’d need a wedding website. But this is, in my opinion, a technology must have.

There would be no way I’d advocate this as a must have if it wasn’t free or ridiculously cheap. But before I show you the cheap option, I’m going to tease you with the complicated, more expensive option…just because they are super cute. 🙂

When we talk about EPIC wedding websites, we have to include this:

It’s probably the coolest wedding website I’ve seen! It totally draws you in and makes you want to read everything. The story is just too cute!

My second favorite website has to be this one:

The information in this site is a little sparse, so it’s more of a Save-The-Date announcement, but probably the most adorable concept ever!

Here are a few others for you to look at! Get inspired!

Are you inspired yet? I am! I may just spend a few hours in Photoshop tinkering around, maybe make a kooky wedding website! However, the above wedding sites took lots of time and/or money. It’s not impossible to do, if you’re a graphic designer (or marrying a graphic designer), but for us hum-drum folk, it’s a little more difficult to achieve. Fear not! There are options so that you can get a free wedding website, that has all the important information that your guests will need.

These sites offer a free service, and you can upgrade if you want to spend the money, but essentially you just plug in the information it asks, and you have your own personalized wedding website!

For the hell-of-it (or maybe as a permanent fixture), I made one:

What you see is just the little intro page. This site was made by Wedding Wire. It was so simple to do, and you can even add little apps so your guests can RSVP, find flights and hotels.

Having a wedding web site isn’t just to be cool and flashy either. It can also save you money. If you have internet-savvy guests (so probably not for grandma & grandpa), you can have everyone RSVP via the web site, so you don’t need to splurge the extra money on those RSVP cards. In addition, since you can add maps and locations to your site you also don’t have to send out little map cards in your invites either. AND excluding all the extras in your invitation will make your invitations lighter, saving you money on postage! How is that for savings? Every penny counts!

Have you all made wedding websites? Were yours epic like the above few, or did you do the plug & and publish (quick and easy)? Did your guests actually RSVP via the site?