Thinking About Elopement

I loved our wedding. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, it was just our style and everything came together like we wanted. However, there were many times during the process I thought about elopement. If you are a bride who doesn’t want to deal with all the work and money that a wedding really requires, you can still have a beautiful elopement. I decided today, to share some tips to a gorgeous elopement.

First, spend your money on an AWESOME photographer. You will not regret it. Getting the best photographer you can will really help create wonderful memories for you. All the best pictures at elopement are these private moments between the two of you, that may not necessarily have been captured in a big wedding.

Second, location, location, location.

Some City Halls are very beautiful, but no one says you have to get married there. For a small wedding of you both and the officiant most likely you can stand anywhere for free and get married. Why not pick a beautiful place that means something to you?

Third, details.

Including details help your photographer tell a story of your day. Have a gorgeous bouquet, statement jewelry, or maybe a great pair of shoes.

And lastly, tell people about it!

Everyone is going to want to know you got married! Why not send out an adorable announcement?

Has anyone eloped? Or, if you had a big wedding, and you had to do it over, would you elope?


Lighting Pinspiration

We decided to take some Christmas lights and string them around outside to set the ambiance. But for Pinspiration I thought I’d show “Cute Lighting 2.0.”Pinspiration

Make sure you click the caption for the full DIY!

Have Wedding? Will Travel!

So since our crazy selves are moving out-of-state before we actually tie the knot I thought it would be fitting to showcase some Wedding travel Pinspiration!

My fiance is working on getting job down there sooner, rather than later, so that we can move down together. If he gets the job, we will have to buy plane tickets and fly in for our own wedding! So I suppose it really has become a destination wedding!


Cherry Blossom Inspiration

This has been a really hard week for New England. My thoughts go out to everyone in Boston, and I hope that the city is finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

I really want to move further south for gorgeous wedding inspiration today. The Cherry Blossom Festival is still going on is Washington D.C. and if you’ve never been, I really recommend it. There is nothing more gorgeous than the cherry trees in bloom. Getting married under the cherry blossoms would really be picture perfect!

What an awesome spring wedding! I grew up with a cherry tree in my front yard. When the blossoms fell it looked like pink snow. It would have made for the best aisle runner!

Pinspiration Film Invitation DIY!

So whilst searching all around the Pinterest world I found the most creative and easy invitations!

I thought these would be great as invitations! I’m not sure that they would be any cheaper than paper invitations, but they certainly would surprise your guests!

So here’s what you need:20130404-193055.jpg

Film canister
Can Opener (a bottle opener is pictured because, go figure, I don’t have a can opener…)
Paper (any kind works)
Fine-Tip Sharpie

The first task is to open the film canister. I have to say that I felt bad wasting a whole roll of film but I had film that had been lying around forever not being used. Sadly, with a bottle opener, it was a little more difficult to open the canister.
In order to open it, turn the film to the part without the spindle sticking out and find the lip with your can opener. Pry the lid off by working your way around the whole canister. Be careful not to bend the cap too badly, as you will need to put it back on later!

Next, pop the film and the spindle out of the canister. And detach the film from the spindle.20130404-211935.jpg
Take the film and spread it out as best you can and trace your paper to get a strip the same width as the film. You may want to make your strip of paper longer so you can write more on it.20130404-212159.jpg
Once it’s traced, cut out the strip. Take one end of that strip and cut off the corners to form a point. This will be your pull tab.20130404-212429.jpg
If you want to write the word “Pull” you can, I thought it added a really cute touch. Now you can start to write your message. Make sure you write it all out first on a piece of paper and practice a few times if you’re going to do fancy handwriting. Make sure you leave about a half inch or so of space to account for the bit of paper that won’t pull all the way out from the canister.20130404-212917.jpg
Because of the way your paper will be pulled out of the canister, everyone will basically be reading your words from right to left. For this reason, it’s important to start with your last words at the very end.20130404-213207.jpg
Once you are finished writing your message (I hope it all fit!), it’s time to roll your message onto the spindle.20130404-213439.jpg
Put a piece of clear tape on the end of your paper strip and tape it to the spindle, then just roll it up! Once it’s all rolled, slide the pointy end through the opening in the canister so that it sticks out a little.20130404-215106.jpg
Next place your spindle back in the empty canister and *attempt* to put the cap back on. This is the most challenging part of this DIY. I think I wrestled with the cap for about 20 minutes before I got it on, and even then I’m not sure that it was securely on.
Tips to make this easier:
Be careful when you are opening the canister not to bend the metal
Glue…glue helps
Pliers to sort of close the edges tightly around the canister.

Once you get the lid on you are all set!

These invites are probably best for small events like an engagement party or bridal shower. A wedding invite just has too many moving parts to it, in my opinion. You can also try doing the writing part on the computer to get more information on the strip of paper.
I know I’m not having a bridal shower, but these are definitely the kind of fun invitations I’d love to do! Let me know if you decide to DIY these!

Spring Is Here! Why Not Some Bridal Shower Inspiration?

When spring comes to Maine it brings with it a ridiculous amount of excitement. We have (arguably) 5 months of winter so when it warms up just a little everyone is out!

However, now that we are into spring it is just another reminder that we are about to enter crunch time. I have just passed the 5 month mark, so panic and urgency are starting to set in. Eek! And when things start to get crazy I do what anyone would do, I avoid it.

So I’ve decided to focus on the now and live in the moment. Around this time would be a good time to plan a bridal shower. I’ve decided not to have one, just because my hubby-to-be and I have been living together for about two years and we have too MUCH stuff. But a girl can dream right? So I used my favorite spring color as inspiration for a perfect bridal shower!

Every party needs the perfect invitation! I found these adorable invites from Wedding Paper Divas. I love these invites so much I thought I’d use them for my inspiration! Like the hanger in invite? Try making one for real! Check out the tutorial here! Wedding Paper Divas┬áhave so many different bridal shower invitations it was hard to pick a favorite!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring! If you love Macarons, you can make your own! See how here!

What kind of bridal shower do you want? Or have you decided against one?

So You Want A Maine Wedding?

So it’s no secret that I live in Maine, but I feel like when people talk about New England that their thoughts stop with Massachusetts and they don’t know what Maine has to offer. When I was moving to Maine (from New Jersey) many of my friends said, “So Canada?” No joke.

Maine has got to be the most beautiful place to be and I thought for Pinspiration today, I would show you around Maine!

<a href="http://flatbrokebride.Pinspiration

Maine has some gorgeous places for all types of weddings! If you like the beach there are beautiful beaches with the addition of gorgeous rock formations that make for spectacular wedding pictures! If you aren’t shy about getting your dress wet, some of the best pictures have the backdrop of the waves crashing against the rocks.

Don’t forget about all of Maine’s historical light houses! If you want to have a traditional Maine wedding, a lighthouse is the way to go!

If you are wondering what kind of food to serve, well, LOBSTER of course! If a whole lobster is too much for your budget, try hiring a food truck to make lobster rolls for your guests, just as traditional but probably not as expensive.

If you want a beautiful New England wedding, don’t count Maine out!

If You Haven’t Had Enough Irish…

Hey hey! How is everyone’s Monday morning? I wonder how many people take off work the day after St. Patrick’s day? We are not heavy drinkers so even though we both have Irish roots, it’s not really a big drinking day for us.

However, we really want to incorporate our Irish heritage into the wedding, so we are doing the Celtic Handfasting tradition. But I thought, if you’re still in the spirit, a little Irish inspiration!

I hope you had a great St. Patty’s day, and I hope you have a swift recovery on “Hangover Monday” ;).

Something New On The Blog! AND The Most Important Wedding Planning Tip I’ve Learned So Far

Ok, is it just me, or are there now like 8 gagillion social media apps we are supposed to keep up with now? Does anyone else blog, and want others to read what they’ve blogged? I know that I don’t pay for my own domain or anything, but I’d still like my content to get out there to brides that are dealing with the same things I am. But, in order to do that, market myself (which is a very uncomfortable thing to do, as I am finding out more and more how much of a private person I am), I have to be on all these different social media outlets and use them regularly. Ok, maybe some people’s’ lives are so interesting they always have something to tweet about or a picture to instagram (which is now a verb?), but my life is nowhere near that cool. You either get my cats, or the Maine woods…that’s pretty much it. I’d love to tweet more…I just have nothing funny, witty or cool to say every moment of every day. I envy the people who can come up with fun things every few minutes.

Alright, rant over. It was only sparked by this new “Vine” app that seems to be taking off. To be honest, it’s cool, but yet again, I have nothing in my life worth making a stop-motion video about, nor do I have that much time on my hands.

So I guess you are all aware that January is over? And at the end of the month what do we all do? Pay bills…yay. Bill paying is always the most stressful thing for me! I am the finance manager in our house, which seems to be a thing now. More and more women are managing the household finances now a days. I grew up with my dad as an accountant, so he managed everything. I inherited some of his flair for finances so I guess that’s why I do it now. But, as my sister is always quick to point out, I am a very high-strung individual, and worry unnecessarily about, like, everything, so you can imagine why bill paying sucks for me.

Lately though, it hasn’t been so bad! My hubby-to-be got a promotion at work and so he is making a little bit more than he used to, leaving…EXTRA. :::gasp!::: So now I have a little extra to throw around.


Pay people as you go! Every time someone says “Oh, you’re saving for a wedding.” In my head I’m thinking, “Yeah and very poorly.” That was because we would get a little extra money, and spend it immediately on deposits or crafting supplies, which is for the wedding, but that meant no money was saved. I didn’t see us as making progress because we kept depleting our savings.

Here is the thing, you are saving for a wedding when you don’t plan at all, you just put money away until you have enough then you plan. If you are in the process of planning you are no longer saving because, as I’m sure those of you planning have noticed, the money comes in, then goes right out. So when you do get a little extra at the end of each month, DON’T save it! Find a vendor you’d like to pay down and send them a check! Make sure to include a note with the total you owe them, and then the new remaining balance after they cash your check. You’ll be amazed what you can pay off a little at a time, and what once seemed like a daunting task is now a little bit easier.

AND I have a few bonus tips for you! (I feel like I’ve learned a lot)

1) If you are a bank account nazi like me, and want to send your vendors the money but not have to wait (sometimes up to a month) for the check to be cashed, then send a money order. Almost all business accept them, it’s a safe way to send money, and the total comes right out of your bank account. I discovered this with the last round of checks I sent. I’m still waiting on one to be cashed. I hate having to subtract that amount from my bank account every time!

2) Tax Returns are a wonderful thing. For most of America, tax returns are a happy time, when we receive a bunch of money back for doing our duty to the country. First I would suggest if you have the extra money, get an accountant. My daddy is a great one, if you want his information, just contact me! Really, though, get someone who knows the biz and can squeeze every last bit of money you deserve out of the government. Then, when that money comes into your account use ALL of it to pay for your wedding stuff. Not some, not half, ALL. If you budget each month as usual and don’t count your tax return, you won’t miss it when it’s gone!

But really, biggest thing: Pay as you go! When ever there is extra money that isn’t going to a bill, pay a vendor. Trust me, you’ll thank me when your wedding day comes!



I know that sometimes I post on here with inspiration pictures, most of which I get from Pinterest. So I thought I would start something new! Every Friday I will have a new Pinspiration for you! Most of the time it will be wedding related, but sometimes it might be something I just find really cool or beautiful! I hope you enjoy this new Friday special!

This comes courtesy of a blog called PaperVine and it’s a DIY! I thought that with this being the month of Valentines, why not make your hubby an adorable gift like this! Happy Friday all!

The “Something” Tradition

C’mon! Everyone knows the saying:

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”

Did you also know that that is the shortened version? The last line is:

“And a Sixpence in your Shoe”

No Kidding!

It’s so interesting how we develop traditions that carry on and on throughout the years. I like to think the “Something” tradition means a little something different to everyone. I did, of course, being the curious person I am, look up the origins of the “Something” tradition.

The Something Old symbolizes your past and the generations that came before you. On the day of your wedding it’s nice to think of the women generations ago feeling the same way you did on the day of their wedding. It can be represented by an old heirloom or picture of a cherished ancestor, or really anything that represents your family.

The Something New symbolizes the new life you are about to embark on. This can be TONS of different things. Many women use their engagement ring, or their wedding jewelry to represent the Something New. It’s very apropos to use wedding jewelry because it really does represent the new life you are starting.

The Something Borrowed is very interesting and seems to have a few different meanings. It can stand for borrowed happiness, those around you adding to your happiness for the day. It can also stand for (and I like this one best), how your friends and family are always there to help you out in a pinch, and as we ladies all know, borrowing accessories is what girls often do! So it is common for your Something Borrowed to be an accessory from a good friend or family member.

Something Blue means a BUNCH of different things, love, fidelity, loyalty, modesty, and purity. You can choose whatever meaning you want for it and of course choose whatever way you want to display it! Jewelry is always popular, but many brides mix it up with blue shoes, or blue accents to their dress.

Ah yes, the last bit, the Sixpence in Your Shoe, it simply means wealth and prosperity. As the tradition goes, you should put a silver sixpence in your left shoe for the best wealth and prosperity. Lots of people use pennies now a days…don’t ask me how a penny is expected to bring you wealth, it would seem that a hundred-dollar bill would put you off to a better start, but not as easy to insert into a shoe. If you really want to keep to tradition you can order a sixpence online to put in your shoe, then you can display it later. After all, I’m pretty sure sixpence aren’t being minted as currency anymore, in your old age it might ACTUALLY make you wealthy to have a genuine silver sixpence!

I still have no idea what I am going to do for every single one of those things. And 10 to 1 I won’t even be wearing shoes so the Sixpence thing is out because I’m not glueing a coin to my foot!

But of course I want to get inspired and for you all to be inspired, so I looked for two of the four “Somethings.”

Something Blue

Something Old

What are your “Somethings”? I need ideas!