Cautionary Cake Tale

Today I have a cautionary cake tale. I love dessert, I mean, I make cakes…all the time. So a delicious cake was important to me. This is our cake:

Chocolate Cake with chocolate buttercream makes a delicious cake! Now take a look at this:

This is the first and last bite of cake I got! Do not forget to eat your delicious cake! I became totally distracted and completely missed eating the cake! Your wedding will be a whirlwind, if you can, have someone set aside some cake for you to take home. I was so sad I missed it, the one bite I had was delicious though!


Family Style Wedding

I used to have HUGE Thanksgivings as a kid. My mom spent the better part of two days cooking and baking, making delicious food for an extravagant family feast. Now, my job being what it is I don’t really get a Thanksgiving anymore. Working nights has some pretty big downfalls and not having a tasty turkey feast is one of them.

Since my family lives far away, I wanted to create that Thanksgiving feel, just in the wrong month. There are at least three ways (I know of) that people serve dinner at weddings. Buffet, Sit-down dinner, and Family Style. I think Family Style is the least chosen style of serving, but it certainly is the most fun style, and can also be the cheapest!

Photo By: Leo Patrone

In a family style dinner all the food gets brought to the table and guests serve themselves, just like a great, big Thanksgiving dinner. It’s one of the cheapest styles too because your caterer shouldn’t have to charge extra for servers as in a sit-down dinner.

I just love the atmosphere the picture above creates! Exactly the kind of warmth and love I hope to have!