Am I Brave Enough To Trash The Dress?

I haven’t decided yet…maybe. I mean, this gorgeous dress I won’t wear again is just sitting around. Even if I sealed it up, no potential child of mine would wear it anyway because it’ll be out of style by then. If I choose not to trash, I may re-sell!

I know I’ve done a trash the dress blog before, but I love looking at these photos! I love my dress and I don’t know if I could ever have the courage to just destroy it. I almost wish I had another dress just so I could throw paint on it or dive underwater.

Here are a few more of my favorites!

Speaking of the gorgeous dress, our pictures will be on their way soon! 🙂


Wedding Shoes!

I am so excited to have picked up my wedding slippers! I asked a friend of the family to make them because she is excellent at crocheting. I am so happy with the way they turned out!



My First (And Last) Wedding Dress Fitting!

I have been to three fittings, two yesterday and one today. I was so ridiculously excited to see my dress! It’s been so long and I was practically jumping out of my skin to get there and try it on!

Thankfully it fit and had the correct length! She just had to take the dress in a little, and it was ready to go! Since the dress is in NJ and I live in Maine, they got all three fittings done for me while I’ve been home, so I don’t have to go back. It’s really nice to know that the dress is taken care of, one thing to cross off my list!

I just wanted to show you pieces of the dress, it’s not time for the big reveal yet 🙂

I do want to talk about psychological relief though. I was so worried about how much we had left to do and how little time we had to do it. That is, until I saw my mom’s craft room. She has tackled so many more projects than I thought and has just bought so many things to make our wedding beautiful! I seriously couldn’t thank her enough! I actually feel, for the first time, “This thing is going to come together ok!”

It was a very productive trip! And tonight I travel back to Maine to hug my honey!

On My Way Home For A Dress Fitting

Today I fly away home! I may live in Maine, but my dress currently resides in New Jersey. As you are reading this I am probably on a plane, or in a train or in an automobile…yup, I have to take all three to get home! I haven’t seen my dress in over a year, and last time I did, it didn’t fit at all. Now it’s been ordered in my size, and I can finally see it again!

My dress is a Maggie Sottero and I’ve seen her designs on many other girls so I thought I’d put a little inspiration together. Her gowns have a wide range of styles and are totally gorgeous!

I’m so excited to see my dress! It’s like being excited to see an old friend. I’m going to be Instagram-ing and Tweeting my trip for the next three days, so if you aren’t already, follow me!!

Twitter: @FlatBrokeBride
Instagram: flatbrokebride

Was anyone else super excited for their fittings?

Dressing the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer…Get Ready To “Aww”

We have the ring bearer’s outfit and we thought we had dresses for the flower girls but they didn’t have the correct size, so off to the stores to find a new style!

Once I have the new dress for the flower girls I’ll share! But how cute is the ring bearer outfit? Did I mention there will also be suspenders?

If you haven’t gotten out all your “Awwws” yet, here’s some inspiration for flower girl outfits and ring bearer outfits.

I LOVE that sign the winking ring bearer is carrying! I think it might be the perfect DIY for my little ring bearer!

There is something about little kids all dressed up that make them have a serious “aw” factor!

Hollywood Wedding Dresses!

Watching the Oscars is something I actually have to do on TiVo, the downside of working in TV. So as I write this I’m watching ABC’s coverage of the red carpet, because I missed it earlier. I did get to see best picture live though! This was my view:

Congratulations to Argo! I have yet to see it, but it’s on the list!

In honor of Oscar night, I thought we could take a look at some wonderful movie wedding dresses, from classics to today.

This dress is a wonderful classic! The tea length is perfect for Audrey!

It wouldn’t be classic Hollywood without Marilyn! She looks wonderful in this dress, but then again, she looks wonderful in everything!

This is such a classic, but dramatic look!

I have to include this dress when talking about classic movie weddings! This has got to be my favorite dress!

Moving into the present day, different styles but still beautiful!

Having a post about wedding dresses without Carrie Bradshaw’s dress would be incomplete! Even with the bird in her hair, she looked stunning!

Who can forget this comedy? I will forever remember that you have to alter yourself to fit Vera!

Another wonderful, heartfelt comedy with a gorgeous dress to boot!

Last, but not least my favorite wedding/love story in a movie EVER

Not just the wedding gown, I’ll take her whole wardrobe! You can’t talk about “True Wuv” and “Mawage” without this movie!

What are your favorite movie weddings? Or better yet, your favorite movie wedding dresses? 🙂

Used Is The New…New

I don’t know if I’ve made it super clear yet, but, I love reality TV. It’s a guilty pleasure and I mostly watch it to unwind. So last night after I got out of work I decided to watch my recorded episode of “Shark Tank.” TiVo is lovely for recording useless shows so when you are bored, you have something to watch. But how was I to know that my useless reality TV addiction would drop into my lap this great business!

If you aren’t aware of the show, the “shark tank” is made up of super rich millionaires (billionaires? What’s a few million between friends), and they have agreed to invest their never-ending supply of money into start-up businesses. The businesses come on the show, pitch their idea (however idiotic) to the “sharks” and one (or more) of them can decide to invest.

The awesome business pitched on Friday night’s show was truly ingenious. How would you like to wear a Vera Wang, or a Carolina Herrera, or even Dolce and Gabbana and NOT spend a small fortune? Well this young lady took all the women selling their dresses on eBay and basically created a business.

Her business is called “Nearly Newlywed” and it allows the consumer to buy a gently used wedding dress of all different designers at a discounted price.

Sadly, this young girl didn’t get  a deal for her business. One shark even said that he didn’t see it as a viable business model. Obviously he hasn’t been looking at the wedding industry lately. Any bride looking to save a buck has looked on sites like Recycled Bride.

The directions to the site are simple, buy a dress, wear it, and if you bought a “Sell It Back Approved” dress, you can sell it back to the web site. I’d say, for those of you who would love a designer dress at a low-cost this is a great, budget friendly way to get one!

I think the sharks didn’t know what they had! I’m pretty sure every bride would love to have a designer gown for less! Check out her site! Nearly Newlywed Bridal Boutique, I promise I don’t work for her PR department, I just think a great idea deserves a look. Here’s a peek at what you can find:


What do you think if the “Recycled Dress” business model? Are you buying a recycled dress?

Why Trash Your Dress?

Photo By: Nadine

I love this photo. Like…a huge fan. First of all, it would be so much fun to have paint chucked at me, and to potentially chuck paint at my hubby-to-be. Basically I want to be in a photo shoot where I get to chuck paint.

But in all the photos of trash the dress I’ve seen (especially those where paint is involved) is entirely trashed.

I hate to say it, but I cannot bear to see the dress I walk down the aisle in be trashed. But who wants to miss out on all that fun? So even though I am all about pinching wedding pennies I have a better idea where you can keep your gorgeous dress and STILL have tons of paint-splattering fun!

Ready for it? Buy. Another. Dress! A dress for trashing. Now of course your first reaction is “What?! I spent tons of moolah on my first dress!” I would NEVER suggest you spend that kind of money on a trashing dress! Instead, take between thirty and fifty dollars and buy yourself a cute white dress in which to totally mess up.

Here are a few I found from (If you love vintage clothes but haven’t been to the site you MUST check it out!)

Call me crazy but I think it would be extremely fun to put colorful paint all over these beautiful dresses! What do you think of Trash-the-dress? Is it worth it to you to trash your wedding gown?

What the Wedding Industry Wants You to Do…and What You Can Do Instead! Part I

I thought about this the other day while watching the reality show on TLC, “Four Weddings.” Have you ever seen it? It’s pretty awful. It gives four women the excuse to be totally bitchy about the others’ weddings. The premise is that they attend each others’ weddings and then rate them. The girl with the highest rating wins a honeymoon. But there isn’t just the critique of, “My food was cold,” although that does happen, there is, however, a lot of, “I wouldn’t do that at my wedding so I’m going to knock her score down.” Guess what lady? It’s not your wedding! That aggravates me because weddings are a matter of personal preference and about you as a couple.

Then I got to thinking that basically the wedding industry has told us what to think and how to think it. I mean, lets take the wedding I’m planning. It is right on trend with the rustic theme that’s popular right now. Sometimes I think that I was brainwashed…but I’m not changing because I’m happy with it. But if it weren’t for Pinterest and wedding blogs, I don’t know if I would have come up with a barn wedding idea in the first place. It’s not really a bad thing to like trends. As long as you like it, and you are happy with it, than it doesn’t matter if it’s way off trend, or right on. However, there are a few things that the wedding industry seems to claim are MUST haves, and I don’t think that will ever change. Today and Wednesday, I wanted to highlight some of the things the industry says you need and maybe give you a cheaper avenue to try.

I promise I will get into all that but I wanted to show you something I’m SO EXCITED about first! My mom has been slaving away at the flower arrangement for our table and I got a sneak peek the other day! I wanted to let you all in on what she’s been doing because it is super awesome.

I wanted you to get the view from all sides. Every single one of those flowers is made entirely out of PAPER! I can’t even believe how awesome that is! The ferns are paper too! These table arrangements are going to be so gorgeous! Just one of these flowers takes about an hour to put together, so this is pretty spectacular to see it all come together like this. To finish it off we’ll cover the styrofoam with some fake moss and it will look like we just went out and picked them!

Ok, I’m done, but I just had to share!

So the FIRST thing that the wedding industry says you need, and has always said it from the very beginning: An Expensive Dress. The more money a dress costs, the more of a show stopper it is.

First of all, whoever told women that a label matters in a dress is probably a genius, because it is making them A LOT of money. Ladies, does it really matter who designed your gown? What matters is it’s what you want, and many other designers take inspiration from the top designers and produce dresses just like the ones above. They are probably THOUSANDS of dollars, and you could find something so similar for hundreds.

If the label really matters to you, and you cannot walk down the aisle without your Vera, than you can still purchase a designer gown for much less than what they are offering. The very first place I would try is a recycled gown website.

All the dresses above I found for $1000 or less. You still get the label, without all the expense. Once alterations are done, you might end up paying more, but not even close to the original price. There are three sites I found where you can buy designer dresses for less: PreOwnedWeddingDresses, Smartbride Boutique, and RecycledBride. They are mostly all pre-owned dresses, but only worn once! Before you purchase, I would contact each seller to find out the details behind the dress and make sure there are no surprises.

If you feel no need for designer labels than fret not! You can find a wedding dress pretty much anywhere at any price! If you shop at high-end retailers, try to buy their sample gown, they may give you a percentage off. You can also try altering a family member’s dress to modernize it, but keep a family tradition alive. If you have a bit higher of a dress budget (like $2000 and up), you can often hire seamstresses to make the gown of your dreams and it will probably end up being cheaper than buying a designer dress. I would be careful and shop around for this one. You would need a reliable seamstress that won’t take advantage of your budget!

Wednesday I want to bring food into the discussion. Caterers are SO expensive, and they don’t have to be, the wedding industry just says they do! 😉 I hope you find your dream dresses! Designer or not, get what looks and feels good for you, that’s when you are the most beautiful.

Getting the Fit

First of all, I have to announce: 365 DAYS TILL WEDDING DAY! Ok. I promise that will be my only day count until we are down to weeks. I kind of had a mini heart attack thinking about all the stuff that needs to get done and paid for up until that point though. At the risk of sounding cynical on a wedding blog, It’s scary to think how much money goes into all of this, and I only have a year to make sure we don’t charge any of it. I’m really excited though! I can’t believe a year from now, I’ll be a Mrs.!

Ok on to other things…like dresses 🙂

It is a very long while before I will see my dress again. I can only visit it on the internet, where some other lady is wearing it. It’s kind of hard when you find your favorite dress, THE dress, and then you aren’t allowed to see it until months before the wedding. It’s clothing torture. But when fitting time does roll around, it’s important to know what to bring and what to think about. It’s also a good excuse to show you gorgeous dresses 😉

Photo By, Theo Civtello

If you are like me, really efficient and impatient, you got your dress super early and don’t have to worry about anything. But if you are not like me (you know, normal), you’ve just begun to shop around for dresses. Let me just caution you not to take too much time. I couldn’t believe it, but it takes SIX MONTHS (at least) to get a dress into the shop. In this day and age you would think something like that would be quicker, but I guess not. My dress, for example, was ordered last October, it still has yet to arrive in the shop. We are coming up on a year now since we ordered it. Granted, at that point our wedding was far off so there was no rush, but I couldn’t imagine if we were in a time crunch what that would feel like. So while my case might be extreme, make certain you have your dress in plenty of time!

Once it comes in you can schedule your fitting times. Most places will do the alterations for you, but smaller boutiques may not, so shop around to find a seamstress you trust! Your first fitting should be around 2-3 months out and beforehand. By this point you should have your lingerie, petticoat and shoes. Also, not to bring up too sore a subject buuuuttt, you should be at the relative weight you are going to be for the wedding by the first fitting. Dropping, or, dare I say it, going up, too many dress sizes can really be a problem for the seamstress.

Photo By: Heidi Elnora

So what should you bring to your first fitting? Some MUST haves are, shoes, petticoats, and lingerie. If you are wearing a corset or even just Spanx, make sure you bring it to your fitting so the seamstress gets an accurate look at how your dress falls. If you decide to wear heels and then at the last-minute decide to go barefoot, then you may have a tripping problem! Make sure that you’re sure.

At the fitting, make sure you come armed with questions or concerns for your seamstress. Wiggle around in your gown, make sure all angles fit like a glove, and if not, bring it all to the attention of the seamstress. You want to make sure, that on that day, your dress will make it through the whole thing with no problems. Also, any custom changes you want to make to the dress, tell them at the first fitting. That is when the most drastic alterations take place, so it would be nice for them to know any changes at that time.

The seamstress should have you walk for her so she can get an idea of the hem. Walk in your shoes and make sure you are confident and comfortable with your hem, or where your seamstress has pinned the hem. What bride wants to trip ont their wedding day?

Lastly, make sure you have an idea of what it’s going to cost, and when you have to pay. In my case, the alterations were included in the cost of my dress (not including any custom changes I’d like to make), but that isn’t always the case. Make sure you get an estimate or a round about number and go into it expecting that, barring anything drastic. Most seamstresses probably won’t give an estimate over the phone, so the first fitting will come down to prices. If they want you to pay up front and it was more than you were expecting, there is nothing wrong with declining to hand your dress over at that moment, especially if you don’t have the funds!

And of course enjoy your fitting! You look gorgeous and you probably haven’t seen the dress in a while! Relish in it! I recently lived vicariously through a friend of mine’s fitting and it just made me that much more excited for my own! I am pretty sure there is something about wedding dresses that make every woman instantly happy. You gotta love that feeling!