Groom & Groomsmen Attire

I had a little bit of a dilemma earlier, got it solved, but I thought I’d share. I have a very small bridal party the two closest girlfriends I have, and he is inviting his seven closest male friends to stand up with him. As you can imagine it would all look a little…lopsided, that way. He was a little dismayed when I pointed this out, after all, they are all really close friends. So we came up with a compromise. His best man will stand up with him, but, after I walk down the aisle, all of his friends will hand me a flower before they take their seats.

I thought of the flower thing, and I wasn’t sure he’d like it, but he thought it’d be nice, like his friends were kind of welcoming me and giving me their “permission” to marry their best friend. What do you think of our idea?

Now, onto the actual outfits!

Usually when picking out outfits for your wedding party, the bridesmaids are the ones that are tough, but since my bridesmaids are mismatched, and buying their own dresses, they were the simple part. I wanted the groomsmen to all look relatively the same so they will prove to be a bit more difficult. Here is an idea of what I was thinking for the boys:

I really love the suspenders, khakis look, especially for a rustic wedding! Of course I like the argyle socks and comic book bow ties! As you can see it’s got a lot more moving parts than just picking up a tux from a shop. I hope it comes together!

A Little Bit of Shoe Love

It’s been a pretty horrible week. Not gonna lie. It’s hard to write about pretty weddings or talk about my own wedding when there are so many in my home state who are suffering, and when a lot of my childhood memories are gone.

I would love more than anything to drop everything and spend a week or more with my family and help out the cause, but unfortunately my life is getting in the way. It’s the worst to know your hometown is suffering and there is not much you can really do to help. All I have is this (albeit small) platform. So here’s a few things that we all can do to help:

1) Donate to The Red Cross & help for all places that need hurricane relief

2) Donate to my town, Toms River, New Jersey through a local group here.

Help out any way that you can! If you live in that area, I hope you and your family are safe.

Alright, I want to show you some pretty stuff at least today! Not to mention today I decided I wanted to see pretty shoes, and shoe shopping, lets face it, shoe shopping lifts a girl’s spirits a little bit right?

I may be going barefoot, but that doesn’t shop me from looking at gorgeous wedding shoes right?

To be honest, while High Heels are gorgeous, the bride in converse has the right idea. If I’m going to spend hours on my feet, there is no way I’m wearing 5 inch heels!

In spite of how much high heels hurt, I still really like this saying…in a sense, shop therapy actually does work!

What’s the DEAL With the Mustaches?!

Ok, is it me? Or has everyone in the wedding world gone facial-hair crazy? If you really wanted to have a mustache-themed wedding there is enough stuff out there for you to do so! I’m not a personal fan of the mustache in general. I love my man, and I can’t imagine him without a beard and stache, but at the same time, JUST a mustache looks a little comical to me. Who are you trying to be? Snidely Whiplash?

I do have to admit, I was a little taken by some of the things. After all, you do have to giggle when you see a person holding up a silly mustache in a photobooth, but after you see 80 BILLION of them, it gets old. I think it just about time to either retire this trend, or keep it to a minimum. If you MUST have mustaches, keep them to your Photobooth (along with funny lips, glasses and hats), or maybe put them on your invites, but covering a whole wedding in mustaches? Why?

So in the spirit of you picking ONE aspect of your wedding to incorporate mustaches, I will provide a few ideas.

A legit T-shirt, click here to order…

Have a candy bar? Make your guests “Stache” some candy. Personally I don’t want facial hair anywhere near my food or beverage, but to each his own I guess.

I will not voice my opinion on whether or not to wear mustaches on your person, only that perhaps we grow mustaches the only place we should wear them…

Ok, I’m going to say it: I like the car. It’s funny, and at least it’s nothing we’ve seen before.

So put all of these collages together and you have a mustache wedding…but don’t…please. Weddings are becoming to trendy for trendy’s sake. Everyone wants a new and exciting way to shock the wedding world, and then everyone jumps on the band wagon. And yes, I know this is coming from the girl who wants a DIY rustic barn wedding, but at least the little touches are significant to us. If mustaches are significant to you, then I (nor anyone else) would hold issue. But the band wagon isn’t always the place to be. Make your wedding unique to you, and maybe you’ll start your own trend, who knows?


My dog had a mustache before it was cool. 🙂

Geek Week’s Last Installment: What Geeks Wear

While I do love cake, this last bit is what I love the best: Geek Fashion. There are so many ways to play geeky dress up for your wedding, some are subtle and some are extremely loud, it all depends on what kind of theme you are going for. For the ladies, the biggest statement you can make is with your gown! Do you want to be an out there geek with an awesome gown, or maybe even a gorgeous gown with a subtle touch of geek? With so many brides with different personalities out there, wedding dress designers have to get more and more creative with their designs!

Dress #1: Subtlety

This gorgeous gown is white with a touch of airy, light color, and has to be one of my favorites. I am not a princess gown girl, but I would wear this gorgeous Lazaro gown. If you want to stand out and honor your geeky side in a subtle way, go a little bit bold by just adding some colorful tulle to the bottom of your gown so it peeks through. I wish all of us could afford Lazaro..but chances are good that we cannot…sigh…

Dress #2: White But Still Bold

Want to go a little bit bolder but still keep it white? Try this awesome flame-like dress. It is definitely a statement piece; no one will miss you!

Dress #3: Go All Out

Ah yes, a wedding dress inspired by Rydia from Final Fantasy IV. This is just one example of going all out, but trust me, there are so many more! Why not wear a dress inspired by Zelda, or Princess Peach? The possibilities are endless here! If you love your geeky side, then embrace it!

If you’re not into making such a huge statement, but would rather have subtle touches, think about yours (and his) accessories to really bring out your geek. Cufflinks are probably the most versatile and fun way to geek up a wedding without making it all about “the geek.” And when I went searching for cufflinks, there are an endless variety of any kind of cufflinks you could ever want. So happy shopping!

Now I know this next thing has nothing at all to do with what to wear, but I just HAD to share it because it is THAT awesome…

If you are still wondering how to make your exit to wedded bliss after your party why not consider…

A Delorean for hire! How awesome would it be to roll “Back To The Future” in one of these? The best part is, it’s a legitimate service, well at least if you live in the UK or Ireland…

I hope you guys really enjoyed geek week! I think we will probably include a geek cake, and maybe some awesome geek cufflinks to make our wedding reflect who we are. Regardless, your wedding ought to reflect you, don’t just design a wedding because it is “on trend” do what you really like and keep it true to you guys as a couple.

THE Dress, And Changing Out Of It

So of course I live in Maine, but my parents live in New Jersey. It makes planning a wedding together a little difficult. But I didn’t let the distance stand in my way when it came to the most important aspect of the wedding: the dress. One of the first things I did after we put the ring on layaway, is plan a trip to New Jersey to go dress shopping. There is no way I would go dress shopping without my momma! She is probably the staple family member every daughter should have with her when picking the most important dress of her life. We actually spent just two days shopping. We went to about 5 different places but it wasn’t until we found the last place that I found the dress.

Let me say this to brides who haven’t gone dress shopping yet; it’s hard! If you are a lover of all things girly, and you love feeling like a princess, dress shopping is SO hard! Literally EVERY dress was wonderful. I wanted a wedding for each dress I tried on! Here are a few I tried at David’s Bridal:

These were all very beautiful, and really made me feel so princess-like. Especially the last one, which I really did fall in love with. It was also the first dress I tried on. I think, and brides correct me if I’m wrong, but a girl always has a special bond with the first wedding dress she tries on, whether it’s “the one” or not. After our excursion to David’s we went to little bridal boutiques. There are good points and bad points about going to a chain store versus going to a privately owned boutique. The chains can have more variety and much better deals and prices. However, you do run the risk of a thousand other girls having the same dress as you that year. For me, I was fine with other people wearing the dress I’d picked, but it just so happened that “the one” didn’t come from the chain store. Isn’t that always the way? You find something you really love, and of course it comes from the place with the most expensive prices.

The up side about boutiques is that you can look at dresses that not many people have seen before. There is something to be said about digging through tons of dresses to find something unique. I think you have a better shot at unique when you go to a boutique store. The other great thing is the personal attention! It is so nice to feel that people are invested in you and your wedding when you go to a small shop. For instance, at the show where I purchased my dress, I was assigned a consultant, but the owner also came over to work with me, in addition the head (and I’m sure only) seamstress came out to consult me about the alterations to my gown. It was a very nice overall experience.

I would love to show you my gown, I found a picture of it online! However, my fiance reads my blog too, and I want the gown to be a surprise (what bride doesn’t), so I can only direct you to my Pinterest board, where he was specifically instructed not to go, and if you scroll down, you should see only one dress is posted in that board, that’s the one! A front and back shot!

After I had on my gown, I really didn’t want to take it off! But what about in August? Will I be too hot? Can I get my groove on in it? Will I want to? Lately, I have been considering a change. Lots of girls seem to do a change now. I guess it is so, when the party gets going, they can be more comfortable. Here are some really adorable dresses I looked at on Ruche:

While these are so pretty (I actually am getting the first dress I loved it so much), I am still lingering on the thought of taking off my first dress. I remember not wanting to take it off at the store, and how I really felt in it. While it may be practical to change into something more comfortable, I’m not sure I want to. I only get one night with my dress, I want to make all the hours count. So here’s what I think I will do: I will buy a second dress, and when it is time to leave the party and drive off into the night with my hubby, I will change into something new. I love the concept of a new outfit, but I don’t know that I will want to part with the dress.