Lighting Pinspiration

We decided to take some Christmas lights and string them around outside to set the ambiance. But for Pinspiration I thought I’d show “Cute Lighting 2.0.”Pinspiration

Make sure you click the caption for the full DIY!


The Details

Something that I was really proud of in our wedding was all the work we put into the details. I think it’s something that I think really made our wedding fun and memorable for us and our guests. Try and pick details for your wedding that are in keeping with your style and make it unique to you! Everyone will love to see your “couple” personality shine through!

Thank-You Card DIY

I am THE WORST when it comes to sending a thank-you card to people. It’s really not an effort, but for some reason I can never get my act together. Not this time! I made sure that the Thank-You cards were an immediate priority! In keeping with everything I had done for the wedding, I decided to DIY the Thank-You cards too.

This time, I did not find the idea on Pinterest, I actually just came up with it on my own. Super proud of me here. We had a small wedding, so doing these cards is not going to be an enormous effort on our part, however, if you had 200 guests, you probably do not want to do the Thank-Yous yourself.

The idea I came up with involves blank postcard size paper, Washi Tape (because that stuff is super awesome) and a Sharpie. Really simple and inexpensive.


You can find Washi Tape at any scrap-booking store, and I even saw some at Staples where I bought the blank post cards.

All I did was tape up the blank post card in a fun pattern, and write “Thank-You” in Sharpie. I practiced a font I liked on a separate piece of paper and sketched in pencil on the final before applying any Sharpie.


On the back, I noticed the Sharpie bled through the card. The simple solution was glue another card onto the back. I then drew a line down the middle like a regular postcard and added lines for the address. Now all we have to do is personalize them!


The biggest problem is actually getting all the addresses. If I was a better bride I would have kept a list…oops. So the “Being a Bride” tip of the day is: SAVE YOUR ADDRESSES! You can also provide envelopes near where the guests drop off the cards, that way they can fill out their address at the wedding and you don’t have to hunt them down.

Things I Learned ON Wedding Day

There are a lot of expectations that seem to come with a wedding day. It was funny because I wandered around for much of the day apologizing to everyone saying, ” I don’t know, I’ve never done this before!” It is a strange feeling of wanting to have everything under control, and realizing it’s impossible.

I started the day off early, going over to the venue to start setting everything up for the day. We had spent the previous two days putting up most of the decor, but since the ceremony was outside we could only set it up the day of.

Being a “Type A” I liked spending most of the day at the venue to dictate how everything was set up. Since the photographer would be at the house soon, I left the set up to family and friends.

So the first thing a Flat Broke Bride needs is awesome family and friends in the absence of a wedding planner. They were awesome champs who really pulled it all together! I learned how I am surrounded by wonderful people who did everything they could to pull everything together to make our day special.

The next thing I learned was that I should have paid attention to the “What Not To Forget” lists on the blogs. Specifically: EAT. I didn’t realize I was starving until I was in my wedding dress. I seriously got it on and realized, “Crap. I forgot to eat.” My maid of honor saved the day by bringing me a cup of grapes. Grapes. The bride’s life-saver food. Unless you suck at eating grapes are a mess-less food.

My mom was kind enough to capture me chowing down. 🙂

Now here is something I don’t think anyone tells you: Once you have that dress on you are basically rendered helpless/useless. This is the most frustrating part of the day. I stood in the house watching everyone run like madmen and I couldn’t help, I just had to stand there. I was never more frustrated than I was at that very moment. And that moment lasts until you walk down the aisle. The best advice I can give is to bite your tongue (literally) and concentrate on breathing. If you feel yourself losing your cool, bitch to your maid of honor about your feelings. If she’s awesome like mine she’ll talk you off the ledge.

Here’s probably one of the coolest things I’ve learned: All that frustration that you’ve been feeling, instantly disappears as soon as you see your husband. Like, instantly. I’m going to advocate for first looks for a minute here. Because we did a first look, I got to have a moment alone and away with him before the wedding began. Just seeing him made me completely let go of any anxiety I had. We had a few moments to laugh and enjoy each other before we had to be in front of everyone.

It was such a wonderful day! We had so many wonderful people in our lives to make it all possible! All these pictures have been from family and friends. The professional photos are going to be so wonderful, I can’t wait to share them!

We Are Wed!

So all is said and done! Achievement Unlocked: Marriage! We are now Level 5 adults (and still super nerds)! We could not have asked for a more perfect Maine summer week to get married. We had sun the whole week and the day of the wedding there were no clouds and it was a perfect 75 degrees.

The house we got to stay at was beautiful and more than enough room for the family and friends. There was a path in the back of the house where we found wild blackberries to pick!
The day before the wedding my maid of honor was a champ and put together all the adorable signs that went around the venue.
But probably the best thing of all was spending the time with family. I hadn’t seen my nephew at all, my sister and her husband live out of the country so this week I spent all the time with them that I could. My nephew is the most adorable child ever and I’m so lucky to have gotten to spend the time with him that I did!

The pictures should be here in about a month, but check out a sneak peek on our photographer’s blog here! We worked with Casey from Hello Love photography and she did a wonderful job! But I also can’t resist sharing a first dance photo of us taken by a friend!


Wedding In A Little Over A Week!

Some excellent news: our last minute financing came through! So the last thoughts about not being able to pay have finally disappeared. It is so good to have a huge weight lifted, but now we have 18 months to pay it off or we have to pay an exorbitant amount of interest…

Monday we fly away to Maine! We just have to tie up loose ends, spray tan, nails, you know, bride stuff. 🙂

Program Fans For Summer Weddings DIY

A little less than two weeks away! I still have a list of things to do but they are slowly getting checked off. I checked off one of those things today and got my programs printed! I also spent the better part of the day assembling them. I think they are totally worth it though, they are cute and functional!

So let’s start at the beginning! Materials:

1) Print out and cut out your programs in your fan shape. I created mine in Photoshop and traced around a picture of a program fan I found to create a template.

2) Scissors

3) Paper fasteners or “brads”

4) Hole Punch

Once you have made up, printed, and cut out your program pages you are ready to assemble them! Just a note, it’s best to print these on card stock to make the best fan.

The first step to assembling is to punch the holes. I have to pat myself on the back here because I had the idea to put a flower at the bottom making it really simple to punch every hole in the same spot. Since your programs will probably be different, make sure you measure and make a mark so every hole ends up in the same spot.

After you get all your pages punched put them all in order and insert a paper fastener.

And that’s it! All assembled and finished! The hardest part is cutting out each page. That took me forever. The actual assemblage took a few minutes.

Everything still doesn’t feel real! A week from today we will be on our way back to Maine!

My Dream Place Setting Pinspiration

All of the wedding things are in about 50 different places…or at least it feels that way. So I have an idea of how the place settings are going to look but I’m not entirely sure.

Today’s Pinspiration is pretty much my dream place setting…which sounds so stupid saying out loud, I mean who has a “dream place setting?” God, I’m such a girl.Pinspiration

It’s so beautiful! It reminds me of eating on the porch on a hot summer day. I hope my place settings come together half as well as this!

A little over TWO WEEKS Till Wedding Day!

It does NOT feel like I am getting married in two-ish weeks. Is that weird? I think it’s mostly because we are no longer living in Maine. Our apartment in Maine was “Wedding Central” and everyone would ask about it. Now that we’ve moved, it feels like we’ve moved on with our lives and skipped right over this event we’ve been planning for over a year…

Getting motivated for an event you don’t feel is really happening is difficult. That probably sounds super awful to say. I know I’ll be excited once we land in Maine and drive out to the venue, but right now it’s just a sort of strange nebulous day in the future. SO in order to ground myself, I made a list of all the stuff I need to do before we fly to Maine. I thought it would be beneficial to let y’all (yup…I’m in the south, so when in Rome…) know good things to do in the few weeks leading up to the big day.


1) CALL ALL YOUR VENDORS. Even if you have everything squared away, just for your sanity, and to ask any last-minute questions. I still have a few people to get in touch with right now, but I’m in process of calling everyone. I think the two most important for my wedding are the DJ and the Photographer. Firm up all your plans, confirm times and places, and make sure they have your cell phone number!

2) Break out that wallet! Pay as much as you can as soon as you can. Chances are, all your bills come due before your wedding, at the very least a week before. Make sure you (somehow) have the money to give your vendors. It’s something I am currently working on, and proving to be rather frustrating.

3) Talk to your wedding party. Make sure they have all their outfits together, they know the time of the rehearsal, and they are prepared to help you out during your day. In addition, talk to your officiant and let he or she know the who/what/where/when of everything.

4) Here is a BIG to-do. Get all your beauty appointments in! While I don’t have to worry about hair or make-up trial runs, I do have to go get a spray tan to cover up my tank-top running tan lines, and I have to get my nails done. Because of the nature of the location of my wedding, it all has to get done a WEEK before! Eeek! I hope I can take care of my nails for a whole week!

5) Marriage license! Now there was a little snafu for us, so we will have to pick it up when we fly into Maine the week of the wedding. Thankfully, for us, there is no waiting period in Maine.

I am in the process of completing my top five things. The “business” part of the wedding is no fun! I am excited to see the pretty part come together!