Pictures Are In!

Our photographer sent us the picture web site link! They all look so beautiful! I can’t post just yet, but as soon as I get the files I’ll post SOOOO many! Here is one of my favorites:

You can see some of the awesome photos on our photographer’s blog: Hello Love Photography
Casey was such a great photographer and I think she really captured us. I can’t wait to share the rest with you!


Engagement Shoot!

They came! Our engagement shoot photos! We chose Casey from Hello Love Photography to photograph our engagement shoot and our wedding. Casey is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, and has a real flair photography! We both felt so comfortable around her!

She drove from her home in Northern Massachusetts to come photograph us in Portland, Maine. We love Portland. It’s such a great city, with a wonderful artistic backdrop, we couldn’t wait to take our photos there! Maine is where we met and fell in love, so it will always have a huge place in our hearts.

Enjoy some of our favorite photos!



This is an amazing graffiti wall! Certain walls in Portland are legalized for graffiti, and this is the best one!





We really wanted to do a library shoot! In case you’re curious of the title of this one, it’s “The Lobster Gangs of Maine.” Apparently there are so many crustaceans they have organized…

This book was in the rare book wing of the library. It was published in Portland only a few blocks away!




If the wonderful photo-shoot isn’t enough to convince you that Casey is an awesome chick, check out the ADORABLE packaging she sent with our photos! (Sorry Casey, I had to share, just too adorable!)

Thanks again to Casey from Hello Love Photography! We had a blast!

A Winter Engagement

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our lovely photographer had to cancel. These are things that happen when planning. This is probably the first of little snafus that are going to come along. I’d say we handled it pretty well, multitudes of e-mails were sent and the search was on for a photographer.

After a tireless search we are so happy to have found a wonderful photographer that is a really great fit for us! We are so excited to shoot our engagement session with her!

But now the engagement session is a winter session. So I need to find new inspiration, and new fun ideas for a shoot in the winter!

First and foremost it is SUPER important that we get some fun shots.

I love these photos, especially the one on the right! Part of an engagement shoot is to show off your personality as a couple and just have fun!

Photo By: Amalie Orrange PhotographyNo Credit Known For Photo On Right

Photo By: Amalie Orrange Photography
No Credit Known For Photo On Right

Everyone wants to see your jewelry! Why not get an awesome photo of your gorgeous ring!

The best thing about doing a photo shoot in December is making it Christmas-y! I love these photos!

And of course, take in the general splendor of the winter time! It may be cold but the snow paints a gorgeous backdrop for your shoot! I was worried because we wouldn’t have the springtime beauty, but the winter (as you can see) can be just as beautiful, and I’m really excited to finally have pictures of us!

Anyone have a photo-shoot done in the winter? What did you do?

Bling Shot!

When my friends tell me they are engaged or married THE FIRST thing I think to ask is, “Can I see the ring?!” I think it’s because I am a sucker for awesome jewelry, especially rings. I am an avid admirer of the girl who accessorizes every outfit perfectly with the best pair of earrings or the perfect bracelet. I am an admirer, not a doer. The most jewelry I walk out of the house with is a pair of nice earrings. I never took that class on “How to accessorize 101.” I wish I had, because now I’m jealous.

I have two jewelry vices, one I indulge, and one I wish I could indulge in: earrings and rings. Earrings tend to be cheaper so I buy up more of them than anything, but oh how I wish I could buy up all the rings I see and love! So it’s no wonder when I see an engaged girl on the street I want to rush up and stare at her left hand…I don’t…because that would be weird…but I want to!

Now to the worst crime against nature and women everywhere: Blurry engagement ring shots. To a girl like me who just dies to see the rings of her newly engaged Facebook friends, a blurry ring shot couldn’t be worse. STOP IT LADIES! I understand that your first priority is not to the Facebook universe, but if you are going to share your happiest moment with your social network, the least you could do is put up a picture where people can tell you at least have a ring on. For all I know, some of those blurry pics could be twist ties…

So for you jewelry lovers out there, I wanted to share with you some GORGEOUS and creative ring shots from the pros! Since I have an engagement shoot coming up soon, I am also getting inspired by these great bling shot ideas!

Photo By: Harmony Loves

Photo By: ADG Photography

Photo By: ADG Photography

Do you have a creative ring shot? I’d love to see it for inspiration!

Truth-Time and Engagement Shoot

I have been tossing around in my brain whether to say anything about this shoot. You see, I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I am some sort of wedding-crazed chick who is planning a wedding on her own without the possibility of a “formal” proposal. I am sort of tossing around in my brain whether I should believe that about myself. This whole process, for me, has been very logical. We decided to get married together, we shopped for a ring together, we start saving money immediately. This probably wouldn’t have been too much of an issue, but some life circumstances caused the wedding to be bumped up to 2013, leaving me to plan my little heart out, but also sort of rushing my future hubby along.

I am very torn, in a way, I don’t want to rush him, but at the same time, wedding in a year ACK! My logical brain says “CAN’T WAIT! MUST PLAN!” So right now what it looks like is I am plowing through with my wedding plans without giving any time to let things happen or time for him to sweep me off my feet. Every couple is different, and fitting in with the conventional has never been my style, but I can’t help but think, am I some crazy psycho bride, ruining the experience for myself? I have reassurance from the boy, that everything is okay, that I shouldn’t worry and that he feels we are already engaged so to hell with formality. But I still worry…it seems to be what I do best.

Nevertheless, time marches on, and we really are excited about this shoot! Today, we are both going clothes shopping and shoot-location scouting. What a guy I have! Willing to take a girl clothes shopping, and knowing him, he’ll love every minute of it!

Our shoot will be in the lovely Portland, Maine, filled to the brim with history, art, and beautiful locations for photographs! I though I’d share with you a bit of Portland by pointing out possible places for the photo shoot.

Portland Head Light

Bug Light
Photo By John Paquette

Portland has some great Lighthouses that would be a really cool backdrop to any photo shoot, not to mention really capture the spirit of Maine!

I am the history buff, I love learning the history of the places I live and visit, so I really wanted to incorporate the historical side of Portland into our shoot as well. There are some great old houses and old libraries that would be amazing for a shoot.

Wadsworth-Longfellow House

Portland Observatory

TIP! If you want to have your photo shoot in historical buildings make sure you check or call ahead first, not every place likes people taking pictures. Scouting locations is really the best way to make your vision come together AND get permission to shoot there!

The Time And Temperature Building

This is one of the tallest buildings in Portland, and it is really Old World looking inside and out. It might be a fun place to capture a few photos!

We also would like a few outdoor locations, and of course throughout the city are scattered some great parks, even one with a waterfall!

Deering Oaks Park

Jewell Falls

Portland also has a colorful artsy side, and that can be seen on some of the downtown buildings.

Blue Print Mural

Courtesy Google Maps

We may like history and nature but we also have a huge artsy, nerdy side to us so I think the cool graffiti spots in Portland will be a great backdrop to bring out that side.

There’s the brief tour of Portland! We are really excited about the shoot. I probably need to get over my reservations about “formalities,” I am enjoying the planning process and everything that is coming with it. Starting this journey has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I don’t think, if I could go back, I would change a thing. I hope you don’t mind my sharing. Thanks for listening. 🙂

If you ever get a chance to come visit Maine, Portland should definitely be on your “to-do” list! I may have shown you some cool locations but it’s really the FOOD you must experience!

Getting the Shots

I have to say that I get more and more excited to take adorable engagement photos every day. It’s probably a little bit of an obsession. I have a Pinterest board devoted to adorable engagement photos. I’ve read many different things as to whether or not to give your photographer a shot list. I think, for engagement shoots at least, you should talk with your photographer about where you want to go with your shoot (if anywhere) and let their creative juices flow. As far as the wedding, make sure you give them all your family members that you want in the group photos, and probably a general idea of what is the most important to you, but as far as the actual shots, that should be up to them. I find that creative minds work better when they don’t feel they have to work within constraints.

I want to send you off this Friday looking at some wonderful photos and hopefully giving you some ideas for your photo shoot. If you want to share your engagement here on the blog let me know! I would love to feature you!

Photo by Adrienne Gunde.

Photos by One Eye Click

Photo by Kay English

Searching For The Anthropologie-Style

Some brides like to spend the bulk of their money on food, others the venue, me, I am spending the bulk of it on my photographer. It is too early yet to really seriously look for my partner-in-crime-to be. But I have been salivating over all the wonderful weddings posted on the blogs. I wasn’t sure it was possible to drool over photography. It is probably the part of the wedding planning that I am most excited about!

I think it’s because if I am going to spend 2 whole years pouring my blood, sweat and tears into this one event in my life, it is going to have to be documented wonderfully! The style I want for my photos was always hard to describe. I’ve used words like “vintage,” “ethereal,” “hazy,” but none of it seemed to convey exactly what I wanted, until I discovered my style had a name…Anthropologie. I realize this is also a fabulous store, but it is rapidly becoming a specific style or even a way of life.

See how the style is soft and almost ethereal? I love that the bride looks almost heavenly. How can one not fall in love with photos like that?

Since this area is the one area of my wedding where I am not too budget conscious, I am not too cautious about looking everywhere for a photographer. Here is my secret. I don’t look for local vendors on big wedding sites. Don’t get me wrong, that can be very helpful in finding an affordable local photographer, but my tastes were specific and I needed to find those specific people who can accomplish the style I want.

I am still shopping around, and here is what I do. I pull up sites like Wedding Chicks, Style Me Pretty, Intimate Weddings and a few others, and I find the style of photography I am looking for by looking around their “real weddings” sections. At the end of the post they usually list the photographer, I simply call upon the mighty Google, (or if their website is right there, I just click) and I find them. If they are someone I like, I find them on Twitter, file them under “Photographers” and now I have an itemized list of contactable photographers that I like!

Here are some more Anthropologie-style shots for you to drool over!

I’m still looking around! If anyone in the New England area knows of a photographer that captures all the little “moments” and can edit a style like this, please let me know! All of you mid-west and Cali people are lucky because they all seem to be living out there!