A Final Note

I haven’t been posting for awhile because I was taking time to reflect and take stock of what direction I want to go. Now that our wedding is over, I have decided that the post of all our photos will be my last. My life has taken me in a different direction and I feel like I have given all the advice I can. I will keep the blog up as long as WordPress allows me to do so you can still go back to all the fun DIY projects!

Thank you so much for following me and coming along with me as I journeyed to the altar! It has been so much fun reading all your comments and getting feedback! Don’t worry, I promise to post the photos as soon as I can! I love you all for your support! It has been a wonderful journey!

I will keep up with Twitter and Instagram but I will be changing the name, update on the name to come! Please continue to follow me!

Thank you again, it has been wonderful!


Gearing Up For Wedding Week

It’s almost here! I have to say a quick note, as it is wedding week, I may or may not get to post but stay tuned for Instagrams and Tweets! Follow FlatBrokeBride in both places!

I am doing Pinspiration this week, and I think this is the greatest photo to gear up for wedding week!


Wedding In A Little Over A Week!

Some excellent news: our last minute financing came through! So the last thoughts about not being able to pay have finally disappeared. It is so good to have a huge weight lifted, but now we have 18 months to pay it off or we have to pay an exorbitant amount of interest…

Monday we fly away to Maine! We just have to tie up loose ends, spray tan, nails, you know, bride stuff. 🙂

My Apologies

My sincere apologies for the missed Monday post. Our moving from Maine to North Carolina has been nothing short of nuts.

I’m afraid today’s post will be no better because we are still recovering from the 24 hour move-a-thon. Packed the car, drove 17 hours, unloaded the car, and collapsed.

Here’s our new digs though!


Saving Money…On A Move

I am beyond tired. I wasn’t sure I could reach this level of exhausted, but here I am. Moving is the worst. Getting all your affairs in order is probably one of the most difficult things.

Our latest challenge: can you fit 1,100 square feet into a 16 foot moving van? I really hope so, because I’m pretty sure we can’t afford the 24 footer. It might mean trashing some furniture, but the difference in price is huge.

A few tips on saving money for a move:

1) Do the hard work yourself. It sucks. It’s stressful. But it’s also cheap. Buy some pizza, invite your friends, and you have instant movers…and it will only cost you about $40. Movers help take the stress off you, but to me, the lifting of stress isn’t worth the $3000 the movers would charge.

2) Get quotes from all the truck company rentals. Budget seems to be the cheapest for us.

3) Look up coupon codes. It’s really easy, just Google “Truck rental coupon codes.” Different sites can probably provide you with different coupon codes. We got a coupon code for AARP…and of course we have AARP…yup…

We have to take a look at the 16 foot truck to make sure we can actually fit our stuff in it. Fingers crossed!


In Which Chaos Ensues & DIY Recap

I wish I had something better for you guys today, but life is slowly piling on the stress in our lives.

We have really hit a rough patch as my hubby-to-be was laid off this past week. So to recap, we are moving, paying for a wedding, and trying to find him a job in our new location. Of all the things humans have to be stressed about, I think we nailed the top 3.

Oddly, this mega-stress time has actually brought us closer together. It has given us a real reason to rely on each other, and reminds me of the reasons why I love him so much.

While I have time, I have been finishing up wedding projects I sort of left hanging. So that’s what I bring to you today. Check out all the links for the DIY tutorial!

Since we are flying back for the wedding, most of the wedding stuff has to stay here, safely at my bridesmaid’s house. Here is the mess that is “The Wedding Tote.”

Wedding stuff was scattered all over the house so I had to go on a wedding scavenger hunt to pack it all away!

Also, today I am flying away to NC to check out my new job and to frantically find a house. So updates are promised! Follow my adventures on Twitter & Instagram

A BIG News Life-Update And You Get Assess How Nuts I Am

I promised a life-update, so I suppose now is as good a time as ever!

A few months ago, just as one of the worst Maine winters I have ever lived through was drawing to a close, I turned to my hubby-to-be and I said, “I gotta get out of here.” It was always sort of understood that I would want to move away from Maine and on to bigger and better things at some point, but this winter had really sealed the deal for me and we sat down and talked about maybe moving sooner.

Deciding to move in general was a discussion we’d had before so it wasn’t like this was a complete shock to him, it’s just that neither of us had thought we would try to move before the wedding. However, for my mental and possibly physical health, I didn’t think I could face another winter. So we sat down and decided what places would be best for the both of us. I wanted a bigger city and somewhere warm, and he wanted to be able to get away into nature when he wanted.

I began applying all over to jobs that suited both our needs and after just about three months of applying, I got a really great offer from a place in North Carolina. We talked it over, and decided it would be a great move for us, it ticked all our boxes (and a few more) so it is decided. I have all but signed the paperwork, which will be finalized when I fly down to visit in two weeks.

So, in July, we will be packing up our life and moving everything to North Carolina. I am really excited, but also super stressed. It is coming at a good time in the wedding process because we are all set and secure with our vendors, and I have a few more projects to finish up and I’ll be done with my DIY-ing. We will have to spend extra money on a flight back up to actually attend our wedding, but other than that, it’s not going to be too bad!

SO, right now, I am working on one more big wedding project that the hubs is currently building and I am going to start painting. I also have been sewing something for it as well! Can you guess what it is?

So what do you think? Am I crazy? Has anyone else had a major life event happen right before their wedding?

Baby Gender Reveal Party!

This past Saturday was my Maid of Honor’s gender reveal party! The verdict is: It’s a boy! I was bestowed the honor of making the cupcakes that would reveal the gender when they bit into them!

Making filled cupcakes is quite a task! I decided on chocolate, because, let’s be honest, what pregnant lady doesn’t want chocolate?

For the filling I used an excellent buttercream recipe. I decided to go with light blue. I wanted a high contrast between the filling and the chocolate

All you have to do to fill the cupcake is cut a small hole through the cupcake and fill the hole with as much frosting as you can using a piping bag.

She wanted to have an owl-themed party so I wanted to attempt making a shape with the cupcakes that at least resembled an owl. I made chocolate icing for the top of the cupcakes (to make sure all the filling was covered) here is the end result of the shape I came up with.

I even made tiny owls for my Maid of honor and her husband to bite into. Honestly, I…guess…it looks like a owl…but it also kind of looks like a furry googly-eyed creature. Either way it’s kinda cute right?

The party ended up going really well! We even captured video of the big moment! Everyone took bets on what the thought it was going to be, believe it or not, most people picked girl!