Things I Learned ON Wedding Day

There are a lot of expectations that seem to come with a wedding day. It was funny because I wandered around for much of the day apologizing to everyone saying, ” I don’t know, I’ve never done this before!” It is a strange feeling of wanting to have everything under control, and realizing it’s impossible.

I started the day off early, going over to the venue to start setting everything up for the day. We had spent the previous two days putting up most of the decor, but since the ceremony was outside we could only set it up the day of.

Being a “Type A” I liked spending most of the day at the venue to dictate how everything was set up. Since the photographer would be at the house soon, I left the set up to family and friends.

So the first thing a Flat Broke Bride needs is awesome family and friends in the absence of a wedding planner. They were awesome champs who really pulled it all together! I learned how I am surrounded by wonderful people who did everything they could to pull everything together to make our day special.

The next thing I learned was that I should have paid attention to the “What Not To Forget” lists on the blogs. Specifically: EAT. I didn’t realize I was starving until I was in my wedding dress. I seriously got it on and realized, “Crap. I forgot to eat.” My maid of honor saved the day by bringing me a cup of grapes. Grapes. The bride’s life-saver food. Unless you suck at eating grapes are a mess-less food.

My mom was kind enough to capture me chowing down. 🙂

Now here is something I don’t think anyone tells you: Once you have that dress on you are basically rendered helpless/useless. This is the most frustrating part of the day. I stood in the house watching everyone run like madmen and I couldn’t help, I just had to stand there. I was never more frustrated than I was at that very moment. And that moment lasts until you walk down the aisle. The best advice I can give is to bite your tongue (literally) and concentrate on breathing. If you feel yourself losing your cool, bitch to your maid of honor about your feelings. If she’s awesome like mine she’ll talk you off the ledge.

Here’s probably one of the coolest things I’ve learned: All that frustration that you’ve been feeling, instantly disappears as soon as you see your husband. Like, instantly. I’m going to advocate for first looks for a minute here. Because we did a first look, I got to have a moment alone and away with him before the wedding began. Just seeing him made me completely let go of any anxiety I had. We had a few moments to laugh and enjoy each other before we had to be in front of everyone.

It was such a wonderful day! We had so many wonderful people in our lives to make it all possible! All these pictures have been from family and friends. The professional photos are going to be so wonderful, I can’t wait to share them!


2 thoughts on “Things I Learned ON Wedding Day

  1. We could not have asked for more… Your ceremony was beautiful, the weather was gorgeous, the food was fabulous, the decor was wonderful, and the company was awesome! It was a Perfect day, in every way!!! I am sure your professional photos will attest to that. We can’t wait to see them all!
    Daddy and I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness. ❤

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