Program Fans For Summer Weddings DIY

A little less than two weeks away! I still have a list of things to do but they are slowly getting checked off. I checked off one of those things today and got my programs printed! I also spent the better part of the day assembling them. I think they are totally worth it though, they are cute and functional!

So let’s start at the beginning! Materials:

1) Print out and cut out your programs in your fan shape. I created mine in Photoshop and traced around a picture of a program fan I found to create a template.

2) Scissors

3) Paper fasteners or “brads”

4) Hole Punch

Once you have made up, printed, and cut out your program pages you are ready to assemble them! Just a note, it’s best to print these on card stock to make the best fan.

The first step to assembling is to punch the holes. I have to pat myself on the back here because I had the idea to put a flower at the bottom making it really simple to punch every hole in the same spot. Since your programs will probably be different, make sure you measure and make a mark so every hole ends up in the same spot.

After you get all your pages punched put them all in order and insert a paper fastener.

And that’s it! All assembled and finished! The hardest part is cutting out each page. That took me forever. The actual assemblage took a few minutes.

Everything still doesn’t feel real! A week from today we will be on our way back to Maine!


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