A little over TWO WEEKS Till Wedding Day!

It does NOT feel like I am getting married in two-ish weeks. Is that weird? I think it’s mostly because we are no longer living in Maine. Our apartment in Maine was “Wedding Central” and everyone would ask about it. Now that we’ve moved, it feels like we’ve moved on with our lives and skipped right over this event we’ve been planning for over a year…

Getting motivated for an event you don’t feel is really happening is difficult. That probably sounds super awful to say. I know I’ll be excited once we land in Maine and drive out to the venue, but right now it’s just a sort of strange nebulous day in the future. SO in order to ground myself, I made a list of all the stuff I need to do before we fly to Maine. I thought it would be beneficial to let y’all (yup…I’m in the south, so when in Rome…) know good things to do in the few weeks leading up to the big day.


1) CALL ALL YOUR VENDORS. Even if you have everything squared away, just for your sanity, and to ask any last-minute questions. I still have a few people to get in touch with right now, but I’m in process of calling everyone. I think the two most important for my wedding are the DJ and the Photographer. Firm up all your plans, confirm times and places, and make sure they have your cell phone number!

2) Break out that wallet! Pay as much as you can as soon as you can. Chances are, all your bills come due before your wedding, at the very least a week before. Make sure you (somehow) have the money to give your vendors. It’s something I am currently working on, and proving to be rather frustrating.

3) Talk to your wedding party. Make sure they have all their outfits together, they know the time of the rehearsal, and they are prepared to help you out during your day. In addition, talk to your officiant and let he or she know the who/what/where/when of everything.

4) Here is a BIG to-do. Get all your beauty appointments in! While I don’t have to worry about hair or make-up trial runs, I do have to go get a spray tan to cover up my tank-top running tan lines, and I have to get my nails done. Because of the nature of the location of my wedding, it all has to get done a WEEK before! Eeek! I hope I can take care of my nails for a whole week!

5) Marriage license! Now there was a little snafu for us, so we will have to pick it up when we fly into Maine the week of the wedding. Thankfully, for us, there is no waiting period in Maine.

I am in the process of completing my top five things. The “business” part of the wedding is no fun! I am excited to see the pretty part come together!


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