We Move In 5 Days And Need To Get Our Marriage License!

So in the midst of all the things you have to remember before you move, you know, get your water hooked up, your electricity, your cable, pack the house, clean your old apartment etc… I have been putting the wedding out of my mind. Bad idea. We are getting married in Maine, so we need to get our marriage license before we leave!

So after a quick bit of research, I found out what you need to get married in Maine.

First of all, residents of Maine have to get a marriage license in the city that you reside in. We are residents (until the 3oth) so we have to apply in our city. Whomever holds residency in the state of Maine, apply in that city, if neither of you are from Maine, you can apply anywhere!

What to bring with you:

  • Photo ID
  • $40
  • If one of you was previously married, bring the certificate of divorce

Thankfully a marriage license in Maine is valid for 90 days and we are getting married in 58! So we will have to go and get it this week, OR the week of the wedding, depending on what we have time for! eek!

If you want to know more about the rules for getting married in Maine head over to Kiss My Tulle and she lays out the entire list of rules and regs!


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