Invitations Are Sent & My Adventures In North Carolina

CRAZINESS this week. I spent Monday and Tuesday in our new state, North Carolina. Monday I spent getting acquainted with my new job, which looks like it’ll be a lot of fun! Tuesday was spent running around all day trying desperately to find a place to live.

Like my ride? The hubby-to-be was so jealous of my rental car!

This endeavor was only moderately successful because applications take time to process. My little efficient self was very well planned, so I saw a lot of places in a short amount of time.

Biggest disappointment was, I found the perfect place…and they don’t allow pets. It was especially annoying because they put that pets were allowed on the listing.

I think a lot of my stress will disappear when we have a place to live. It’s no good moving when you don’t have a place to go!

The good news is, the invitations were sent before I left! It’s really exciting to get those out there!

My wonderful hubby-to-be, in addition to packing, and looking for jobs for himself, sent them out. Here is the sweetest part:
I thought he was pretty much letting me plan without much interest and then he shows me the stamps he used to send the invitations:

He remembered butterflies were in our theme! I guess I underestimated him!

Here is what I learned about sending invitations as far as cost:
If it’s larger than a 6in it’s going to cost more, around a dollar an invite. Fortunately I only sent around 30 invitations.

If you have a large wedding don’t do large or bulky invites so you can keep your cost down!


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