In Which Chaos Ensues & DIY Recap

I wish I had something better for you guys today, but life is slowly piling on the stress in our lives.

We have really hit a rough patch as my hubby-to-be was laid off this past week. So to recap, we are moving, paying for a wedding, and trying to find him a job in our new location. Of all the things humans have to be stressed about, I think we nailed the top 3.

Oddly, this mega-stress time has actually brought us closer together. It has given us a real reason to rely on each other, and reminds me of the reasons why I love him so much.

While I have time, I have been finishing up wedding projects I sort of left hanging. So that’s what I bring to you today. Check out all the links for the DIY tutorial!

Since we are flying back for the wedding, most of the wedding stuff has to stay here, safely at my bridesmaid’s house. Here is the mess that is “The Wedding Tote.”

Wedding stuff was scattered all over the house so I had to go on a wedding scavenger hunt to pack it all away!

Also, today I am flying away to NC to check out my new job and to frantically find a house. So updates are promised! Follow my adventures on Twitter & Instagram


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