Mason Jars & Saving Money

I cannot have a rustic wedding without Mason Jars. It’s like an unwritten rule or something. The good thing is we’ve been able to *acquire* mason jars and have had to buy very few of them. We are using some as aisle decorations, but I think the best use for them is as drinking glasses.

If we do it this way we could end up saving some money in the long run. In order to have glasses for everyone at the wedding, we’re having to rent them from the venue. But I think we’ve acquired enough jars for everyone at the wedding to have their own, eliminating the rental expense. It’s not a huge drop in price or anything, but every little bit helps!

Now I’m not sure if any of you remember college parties with all those red cups? You would set your cup down, and since they all look the same, good luck finding it again! To eliminate such problems at the wedding we are going to have everyone put their name on their glass. I know this isn’t a new idea, but it is really simple.

We can even get some Martha Stewart chalkboard labels for each glass. They aren’t too expensive and since we don’t have as many guests, it’d be an easy thing to do.
Now to decide whether or not to get the colorful spiral straws…


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