Addressing Envelopes

I have just passed the three-month mark! Everything is moving along really well but there have been a few things I have been neglecting and one of those things was addressing the envelopes that have to go out next month…

I finally ordered the envelopes and was all set to address them, and then they sat, and sat, and sat. I had previously made the decision to fake calligraphy to make the addresses fancy. Ah, the best laid plans. When I finally began to do the addresses, I grossly underestimated my artistic ability. Or at least I feel like I did.

Even if it wasn’t that bad, I immediately felt that calligraphy doesn’t go with our casual invitations. So I decided to copy a font we used in the invitations, which is significantly easier to copy and matches everything.

In addition, I made the egregious mistake of leaving our names off the invitation. So I found a way to rectify that as well.

I’m about halfway through the invitations, and I’m really happy about the way it’s all turning out!


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