Wedding Nails and Pedicure Adventures

Last weekend, on my only day off, my bridesmaid treated me (and my hubby-to-be) to pedicures! It’s a little hilarious to watch your significant other get their feet taken care of.

I have to say that it was a first pedicure for both of us. I have heard too many horror stories about unclean foot baths that would make your skin crawl, so I avoided it like the plague. So my wonderful bridesmaid did a little research and promised me a salon with good reviews.

It was quite a nice little place and the experience was wonderful. I really should have done this a long time ago.

Up until I had the pedicure I hadn’t thought about what my nails would look like for the wedding. I guess I had always assumed it would be a French manicure. But there are a bunch of festive and different ways to wear your nails on the big day. You can paint your nails to match your colors, your dress, or even your flowers!

I really like the lace inspiration, it would match my dress perfectly! What kind of nails are you doing for your big day?


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