A Post From The Heart

I have really not been inspired lately. I have been more or less exhausted. Working six days a week is really taking its toll on me (and my mood). But on top of all that is that I really haven’t seen my husband-to-be in a very long time. No, he hasn’t gone missing, we just work entirely different work shifts and never get the same days off. When he leaves for work I am asleep, and when I get home from work he’s asleep.

This has been the hardest change for us. We went from seeing each other all the time, developing a pattern and bonding, to communicating through text (now, I love my phone, but it is a horrible cuddler). And I feel like this separation has put a strain on our relationship. That’s really hard to say in a public forum, but it’s true.

When you are in a relationship, it’s so important to see each other and talk with each other, and cuddle. There is something about being in each other’s presence that builds the relationship. The other day he was actually home when I was, and we got to cuddle on the couch for a bit. Those moments of just sitting and cuddling made a huge difference in my mood. Just that short time brought back that feeling of partnership we had at the beginning.

The six-day work week won’t last forever, and we are trying to get through this time the best we can, but it is hard. I miss my best friend and partner. I say all this not to bring doom and gloom to your Wedding Wednesday, but to maybe offer some comfort to other men and women that are dealing with problems like this.

It seems like so many people gloss over the fact that relationships go through trials and tests and I don’t want to be that person. I want you all to know, we are just like you. We are working hard on our relationship in the midst of difficult life obstacles on top of planning a wedding that is less than 4 months away.

In the face of these obstacles we are committed to each other, we are committed to what we know we have. We don’t need to stand up in front of family and friends to know that. And if you guys truly love your significant other, you’ll feel that too. It will get better, it’s just hard right now, and I understand.

pinky promise


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