Wedding Budget Woes (And Cheering Myself Up)

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the budget for the wedding. I have been having reservations of, “Did I really do all I could to keep down the cost?” The cost of the wedding is really expensive for an average couple making an average salary, so you can imagine why doubt has crept in. I really feel like I went to the ends of the earth to make absolutely certain that we got the wedding we wanted at the cheapest cost. Lately though, it feels like I either didn’t do my best, or didn’t sacrifice enough to keep costs down.

Fortunately this doubt can be solved with a little research. I went searching for the national average cost of a wedding, as well as the average cost of a wedding from the exact area of maine where we are getting married to see if I really did a good job. Spoiler Alert: I did 🙂

To show you all the break down I made my very first Infographic!

Cost Infographic


Can you believe that national average cost? Whew! The cost to have a wedding in Maine is significantly cheaper, but certainly still a lot of money! So to the part that made me feel better: Our wedding costs SO MUCH less than the national average, AND even less than the Maine average, by thousands of dollars! So I breathed a sigh of relief, and those of you planning a Maine wedding, hopefully you can too. If not, check your wedding against the national average and see how you stack up!

Not too bad for my very fist infographic ever…seriously, I spent waayyy too much time on it. I will probably hang up my infographic hat for now.


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