Choosing My Wedding Jewelry

I have officially gone to a six-day work week at my day job, so color me exhausted. The extra cash is going to be awesome, but it leaves little time for any wedding stuff! I feel like I’m in some sort of funny catch 22…except it’s not funny.

When I have time off I have been conversing with my mom on what jewelry I should wear with my dress. It was then I came to a shocking revelation, I am not into jewelry shopping. It could be because I’m incredibly busy but I just could not get into picking sparkly jewels to go with my dress. Go ahead, take my “girl card” away. 🙂

Thankfully where I lack in interest, my mom picked up that slack, searching high and low for jewelry to match my dress and I think she did a pretty good job!

We actually found the headpiece at the bridal shop, so I got to try it on with the dress, but the price tag was pretty high.


My mom did a little online digging and found the headpiece on sale for probably one tenth of the ticketed price, talk about an awesome deal!

What kind of jewelry did you wear? Was it elaborate or understated?


7 thoughts on “Choosing My Wedding Jewelry

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