My First (And Last) Wedding Dress Fitting!

I have been to three fittings, two yesterday and one today. I was so ridiculously excited to see my dress! It’s been so long and I was practically jumping out of my skin to get there and try it on!

Thankfully it fit and had the correct length! She just had to take the dress in a little, and it was ready to go! Since the dress is in NJ and I live in Maine, they got all three fittings done for me while I’ve been home, so I don’t have to go back. It’s really nice to know that the dress is taken care of, one thing to cross off my list!

I just wanted to show you pieces of the dress, it’s not time for the big reveal yet 🙂

I do want to talk about psychological relief though. I was so worried about how much we had left to do and how little time we had to do it. That is, until I saw my mom’s craft room. She has tackled so many more projects than I thought and has just bought so many things to make our wedding beautiful! I seriously couldn’t thank her enough! I actually feel, for the first time, “This thing is going to come together ok!”

It was a very productive trip! And tonight I travel back to Maine to hug my honey!


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