Spring Is Here! Why Not Some Bridal Shower Inspiration?

When spring comes to Maine it brings with it a ridiculous amount of excitement. We have (arguably) 5 months of winter so when it warms up just a little everyone is out!

However, now that we are into spring it is just another reminder that we are about to enter crunch time. I have just passed the 5 month mark, so panic and urgency are starting to set in. Eek! And when things start to get crazy I do what anyone would do, I avoid it.

So I’ve decided to focus on the now and live in the moment. Around this time would be a good time to plan a bridal shower. I’ve decided not to have one, just because my hubby-to-be and I have been living together for about two years and we have too MUCH stuff. But a girl can dream right? So I used my favorite spring color as inspiration for a perfect bridal shower!

Every party needs the perfect invitation! I found these adorable invites from Wedding Paper Divas. I love these invites so much I thought I’d use them for my inspiration! Like the hanger in invite? Try making one for real! Check out the tutorial here! Wedding Paper Divas have so many different bridal shower invitations it was hard to pick a favorite!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring! If you love Macarons, you can make your own! See how here!

What kind of bridal shower do you want? Or have you decided against one?


One thought on “Spring Is Here! Why Not Some Bridal Shower Inspiration?

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