So You Want A Maine Wedding?

So it’s no secret that I live in Maine, but I feel like when people talk about New England that their thoughts stop with Massachusetts and they don’t know what Maine has to offer. When I was moving to Maine (from New Jersey) many of my friends said, “So Canada?” No joke.

Maine has got to be the most beautiful place to be and I thought for Pinspiration today, I would show you around Maine!

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Maine has some gorgeous places for all types of weddings! If you like the beach there are beautiful beaches with the addition of gorgeous rock formations that make for spectacular wedding pictures! If you aren’t shy about getting your dress wet, some of the best pictures have the backdrop of the waves crashing against the rocks.

Don’t forget about all of Maine’s historical light houses! If you want to have a traditional Maine wedding, a lighthouse is the way to go!

If you are wondering what kind of food to serve, well, LOBSTER of course! If a whole lobster is too much for your budget, try hiring a food truck to make lobster rolls for your guests, just as traditional but probably not as expensive.

If you want a beautiful New England wedding, don’t count Maine out!


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