Invitation Progress & A Same-Sex Couple Wins Big!

At work I have a lot of down time, so I decided to bring all my invitation stuff with me to work to finish them up.

I am very excited to send them out! Even with the little faults that I see, I still think everyone will love them.

So because of my inability to segue between topics, I’ll just jump right in! Real Maine Weddings, a great magazine and website dedicated to just the amazing-ness of Maine weddings, hosts a contest every year to give away a free wedding to a wonderful couple. This past weekend they announced the winner!

This winner is a milestone and a first for the contest. A same-sex couple, Jenna and Caroline, were chosen to receive a wedding costing up to $100,000! Each couple submits a video telling a little about themselves and why they deserve to win their dream wedding. This past year the people of Maine approved same-sex marriage so the contest was opened to all couples.

They will have their wedding this October in Kennebunkport. I am so excited for the couple, and so happy that the people of Maine made this possible with their votes! Hopefully now the Supreme Court will follow the states and approve equality for all!


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