Maine Maple Sunday!

My favorite food time of year is upon us! It’s one of the perks of living in New England, genuine maple syrup.

We have a whole Sunday dedicated to this sweet treat! So this Sunday is Maine Maple Sunday AND 5 months till our wedding! How scary is that thought? There is still so much to do, I seriously have no idea how it’s all going to come together…

…which is exactly what I will be contemplating when I chow down on pancakes on Maple Sunday.

If you live in New England, or just want a New England wedding, you should definitely have a brunch reception with genuine maple syrup. Especially on a crisp, cool day, brunch can really hit the spot!Pinspiration

Maple syrup doesn’t just have to be lovingly drizzled over your breakfast treats, you can make maple ice cream and maple taffy! And no New England wedding would be complete without some delicious maple syrup favors!

If you live in Maine stop by your local sugar house an early Sunday breakfast! If you don’t, have some pancakes this Sunday and celebrate from afar!


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