Baby Gender Reveal Party!

This past Saturday was my Maid of Honor’s gender reveal party! The verdict is: It’s a boy! I was bestowed the honor of making the cupcakes that would reveal the gender when they bit into them!

Making filled cupcakes is quite a task! I decided on chocolate, because, let’s be honest, what pregnant lady doesn’t want chocolate?

For the filling I used an excellent buttercream recipe. I decided to go with light blue. I wanted a high contrast between the filling and the chocolate

All you have to do to fill the cupcake is cut a small hole through the cupcake and fill the hole with as much frosting as you can using a piping bag.

She wanted to have an owl-themed party so I wanted to attempt making a shape with the cupcakes that at least resembled an owl. I made chocolate icing for the top of the cupcakes (to make sure all the filling was covered) here is the end result of the shape I came up with.

I even made tiny owls for my Maid of honor and her husband to bite into. Honestly, I…guess…it looks like a owl…but it also kind of looks like a furry googly-eyed creature. Either way it’s kinda cute right?

The party ended up going really well! We even captured video of the big moment! Everyone took bets on what the thought it was going to be, believe it or not, most people picked girl!



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