Finally Decided on a Guest Book…And it’s ordered!

I think I must have bounced from one guest book idea to another. There are a ton of creative ideas out there on how we could do our guest book. However, knowing us, while all the ideas are cute, after the wedding is over it is more than likely the guest book would be put away and we probably wouldn’t see it again. Take the fingerprint guest book, such a cute idea, but I know us, we would roll it up and probably forget about it. I had an idea to make recipe cards a guest book, which would have been super cute, but also would have ended up somewhere in the abyss of our house collecting dust. Because of our natural tendencies to hoard things and never use them, I don’t think fun ideas for a guest book would have worked for us. So I came up with a more traditional kind of guest book (in other words literally a book) but one that we would actually look that, and it wouldn’t matter if it made it on a shelf too.

It is here I should add that this is in no way an advertisement for

With that said, I went to a website called Shutterfly to create a guest book made up of our engagement pictures. First of all, it is a really good idea to print out your pictures. It’s just nice to have the physical book or print outs in your hands and you are more inclined to look at them that way…you know, when you aren’t scanning through your old Facebook pics. I figured this could kill two birds with on stone. We now have print outs of our favorite engagement photos and a place for our guests to give us well wishes.

Shutterfly is really simple to use, they also have apps for the iPhone and iPad. You start off by creating an account and picking the kind of book you want to create. I picked a 12×12 hard cover. You can create more professional style books, that allow for more creativity, but the price sort of skyrockets. If it weren’t for the price I would have opted for designing my own layout.

When you pick the size and layout that you want, you can start uploading your photos.

Shutterfly Layout
Once you upload your photos Shutterfly will arrange them in the layout for you. If you don’t like the layout you can remove the photos and change up where they are in the book. You can also adjust the cropping of a picture and add text in a few places. While the options of where the pictures and go and how they are laid out on a page are limited, it works really well for just making a nice guest book.

Ours is now finished and ordered! You can check it out on the link at the side of the page and see how I laid ours out. I wouldn’t be Flat Broke Bride if I don’t mention how you can save money! So right now Shutterfly is running some awesome discounts! When you go to check out, type in: UP40PB to save 40% on a standard book (hardcover or not) and also type in: SHIP30 for orders over $30. I ended up saving $33 on my order, which is huge! I’m not sure when this offer will end, so get in on it soon and turn your favorite photos into a photo book!


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