Groom & Groomsmen Attire

I had a little bit of a dilemma earlier, got it solved, but I thought I’d share. I have a very small bridal party the two closest girlfriends I have, and he is inviting his seven closest male friends to stand up with him. As you can imagine it would all look a little…lopsided, that way. He was a little dismayed when I pointed this out, after all, they are all really close friends. So we came up with a compromise. His best man will stand up with him, but, after I walk down the aisle, all of his friends will hand me a flower before they take their seats.

I thought of the flower thing, and I wasn’t sure he’d like it, but he thought it’d be nice, like his friends were kind of welcoming me and giving me their “permission” to marry their best friend. What do you think of our idea?

Now, onto the actual outfits!

Usually when picking out outfits for your wedding party, the bridesmaids are the ones that are tough, but since my bridesmaids are mismatched, and buying their own dresses, they were the simple part. I wanted the groomsmen to all look relatively the same so they will prove to be a bit more difficult. Here is an idea of what I was thinking for the boys:

I really love the suspenders, khakis look, especially for a rustic wedding! Of course I like the argyle socks and comic book bow ties! As you can see it’s got a lot more moving parts than just picking up a tux from a shop. I hope it comes together!


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