Date Day!

Finally, after many weeks of seeing each other in passing around the house we finally got to go out on a real date!

I can’t believe how disconnected we had been over the past few months. We both work entirely different work shifts. I work late into the night and he works during the day. Usually why I get home he’s sleeping, and I’m sleeping when he gets up. On top of that, we never have the same day off. It’s kind of a horrible arrangement, but we make it work.

Guys, it’s super important to go on dates with your significant other. It will really help you both remember how good of friends you are! Dates don’t have to be expensive, we went ice skating, and then had lunch. It’s so easy to forget real time for each other especially in the midst of planning a wedding and working full time, not to mention with all the technology out there distracting us! The wedding is important, but never forget why you’re getting married!

Whenever you have time, go on a date! I swear it will be worth it!


2 thoughts on “Date Day!

  1. Absolutely! I write about this all the time. You have to make sure you have time to spend together doing something new or at least fun out the house. A nice walk, ice skating, taking salsa lessons together, learning a language… anything that lets you spend time and have fun works. Never lose your friendship as that’s what counts in the end.

    Grace – did you get my email btw?

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