Hollywood Wedding Dresses!

Watching the Oscars is something I actually have to do on TiVo, the downside of working in TV. So as I write this I’m watching ABC’s coverage of the red carpet, because I missed it earlier. I did get to see best picture live though! This was my view:

Congratulations to Argo! I have yet to see it, but it’s on the list!

In honor of Oscar night, I thought we could take a look at some wonderful movie wedding dresses, from classics to today.

This dress is a wonderful classic! The tea length is perfect for Audrey!

It wouldn’t be classic Hollywood without Marilyn! She looks wonderful in this dress, but then again, she looks wonderful in everything!

This is such a classic, but dramatic look!

I have to include this dress when talking about classic movie weddings! This has got to be my favorite dress!

Moving into the present day, different styles but still beautiful!

Having a post about wedding dresses without Carrie Bradshaw’s dress would be incomplete! Even with the bird in her hair, she looked stunning!

Who can forget this comedy? I will forever remember that you have to alter yourself to fit Vera!

Another wonderful, heartfelt comedy with a gorgeous dress to boot!

Last, but not least my favorite wedding/love story in a movie EVER

Not just the wedding gown, I’ll take her whole wardrobe! You can’t talk about “True Wuv” and “Mawage” without this movie!

What are your favorite movie weddings? Or better yet, your favorite movie wedding dresses? 🙂


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