Finances and Invitations

All right, all printed! I have never been so nervous to print something in my life. I think it’s because if it’s wrong, I can’t take it back. What’s done is done and that’s really scary.

I think they came out really well! I’m really excited to put them together.

Maybe it was my nervousness in the way of printing, but I was about to go and print 50 invitations, for my 50 guests right? Wrong. I missed probably the most obvious thing ever. Duh, not everyone invited gets an invitation. Since my mom and dad live in the same house, it might be kind of dumb to send them each an invitation. I know…I know…dumb. Thankfully I had a moment of clarity before they printed 50 invitations. I ran home, conferred with my hubby-to-be and figured out we only needed 35. Needless to say much cheaper! Saved me at least $100! That would have been a huge mistake!

So when getting your invites DON’T over-buy! Also, get extras. It will help account for mistakes made in folding/addressing/assembling. Not to mention, you want to keep one for yourself!

Speaking of huge mistakes…it looks like I had a right to be nervous, because I did make a mistake. I ask that you reserve judgement on my intelligence, and remember that I am planning a whole wedding so details may get lost. While looking over my newly printed stack of 35 invitations that cost lots of money, I noticed one crucial detail I left out…our names. Now everyone will have the date, time and place of a wedding with unknown people. Go me. Thankfully I have a fix. I’m going to “doodle” our names on the front in a cute little heart. I just hope I’m not absent-minded about anything else!

Even after the almost mistake and the actual mistake, I still like the invitations, and I’m happy to send them out, now I just have to assemble them!


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