Invitations Are Ready To Print! Now How Much…

I NEED your help and advice!!!

But first, before I get into that…our wedding rings came in!! Mine is going to take a little longer to be finished. I passed my engagement ring off to the jewelers so that when I get them all back, it’ll be a whole set all soldered together. I’m so excited! It’s weird to not have my engagement ring on, I’m constantly touching my ring finger looking for it.

He went with a black ring and I like it, really sophisticated! He picked it out but I did have one stipulation, no jewels in the ring…reminds me too much of the mob. I grew up in New Jersey, what can I say? 🙂

In other news, the invitations are all done! Here’s a little look at what I did:

Invitation Layout

Click on it to see it better!

I think they came out really well! I like that I was able to make it all look hand-drawn and cute! But it does look a little confusing laid out like that, so I actually made a guide for the printing people. Here’s what I came up with:

Invite Guide

Make sense? Haha! So that long upside down piece (in the first picture), once it is folded, will make up the second page in #2, then you fold it out to reveal all the writing, which is the second long page in the first picture. Whew! I know that’s so confusing and if you can follow me, brownie points for you! It’s why I made the map 🙂 I know I sort of shot myself in the foot as far as being inexpensive with such a complicated layout, but I really wanted to make these invitations special, especially since I love working in Photoshop!

The problem is, that because of the size and shape, I have to print out every one of those pages individually. The three pages on the right in the first picture are just the inserts, so I figure I can print them on regular paper to save money. But the other five each have to be printed out individually, and on good, quality paper. I don’t need super awesome, splendiforous paper though, so I hope to save money there. But still, that’s a lot of paper, some need to be printed on 11×17 paper too, which is probably all that much more expensive…

The worry I have is, how much is this all going to cost me? It has to be done by a professional printing place, and, since the layout is so wonky, I don’t trust online places to get it right. So here’s where I NEED your help! My only thoughts on places to print are Kinkos and Staples, but I am totally open to suggestions! If anyone has advice on printing up these invites cheaply, coupons, places to go, paper that is cheaper (hopefully, since it’ll be printed on white paper, that’ll save me money), I welcome it!


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