Weird New Thing: Selling Your Wedding

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So speaking of readers, this story I’m about to impart to you today was brought to my attention by a reader. It’s a new-ish business to the wedding industry, and it’s certainly an out-of-the-box idea. Selling your wedding. That’s right, selling the WHOLE thing. The band, the venue, the caterer, the photographer, all of it. The business is and through them you can buy and sell entire weddings for a discounted price.

Say the lovely couple wanted to get married on the beaches of Hawaii, and had a contract through a major hotel for all the food, photos, venue, everything, but in a sad turn of events the groom gets cold feet, or there is a death in the family so the wedding cannot take place. You can’t recoup all your losses, but if you hand your pre-packaged wedding over to, another bride who wants to have the dream destination wedding will be able to buy your wedding.

If you are looking to buy, provides people to help plan what’s left, and a graphic designer to help get out quick save-the-date cards or invitations. However, when it comes to buying one does not simply “walk into Mordor” (sorry geek reference…can’t help it sometimes) as it were. You provide them with the information on your dream wedding and they will contact you with options. However, if you make the effort to put in your info, you are under no obligation to buy, but you will be contacted by a representative.

This sort of operation made me a little uneasy at first. Why in the world would I want someone’s used wedding? What if the relationship ended badly? Does that mean I sort of inherit their bad luck? I’m not a huge believer in luck but it does seem like that kind of thing would be surrounded by bad juju. On top of that, is it more than just buying the contracts of the vendors? Do you buy the colors, the linens, the decor, the guest book? Call me crazy but even to non-planners, wouldn’t it seem a little weird to be using colors you didn’t pick out, or a photographer who doesn’t share your vision for your wedding?

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not bashing their business. I think it’s a very interesting and smart business model. I mean, think of it from the other side! If you are the jilted bride, and there is a way to get back even some of your lost money, why wouldn’t you go for it?! I should also mention, this is not an “ebay” situation. You aren’t selling your own wedding. You sell your wedding to the company and they turn it around to buyers. Even better for you! Collect the money, dust off your hands, and move on! I give this business credit, I mean, what happens if no one buys the wedding in time? Are they out all that money?

I think where I land on it is, if I had to, I’d be a seller but never a buyer. It just gives me a weird feeling, like a guy who buys a used engagement ring from a pawn shop. I also think that I like planning my own personal day, and while I get why buying a pre-fab wedding would be the way to go for some, I just could never get past how personal it’s not.

So thumbs up to the business, I hope it works out! I should also mention, I didn’t get money or anything to post this, one of my readers showed it to me, and I wanted to share it with you all!

So what do you guys think? Would you buy a pre-fab wedding, or does it give you the same feeling it gives me?


3 thoughts on “Weird New Thing: Selling Your Wedding

  1. I agree with you there. I think it’s a great idea for sellers but for the buyer its akin to buying a used mattress or a house where a murder took place a decade ago (OK not exactly alike but that same kind of creepy/used feel). I do get the idea of them going in and offering a large amount of money to a couple if they will give up their slot at X hotel on X date because I’ve heard this happens quite a lot. In fact I heard (rightly or wrongly on the grapevine – probably made bad wine this year) that a famous EPL player at first offered a couple $15K to give up the hotel so he could have it for his reception, then offered to pay for the honeymoon on top, then the whole cost of wedding, honeymoon and financial gift and then made the offer they could not refuse… he would pay off the mortgage on their house! Don’t know if its true but it happened to a “friend of a friend of a friend”. Either way I guess it shows a synergy for this business.


  2. Well….funny you just posted this. I’m trying to plan a vow renewal in the fall, and I fell in love with a friend’s recent wedding. Her bridesmaids’ dresses were to.die.for, and I’ve been stalking websites and calling businesses with no luck. I finally just asked her if any of her bridesmaids wanted to sell their outfits to me because I want to wear it for my renewal. As weird as it might seem to ask brides to hit up their maids for their clothes, I’m down, dude. I’d sell my underwear for the right price, so I went for it. SCORED! I got my digs!

    • I think I am all for used decor, used bridesmaids dresses, anything to help the cost…but the whole wedding…it feels too much like taking someone’s labor of love.

      But seriously, if you can get things for the wedding on the cheap, that’s something I fully support!

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