The Wedding Send-Off

Last Fourth of July we bought a TON of sparklers on sale. I love the Sparkler send-off where the bride and groom run through a tunnel of guests holding sparklers. It always seemed like a fun and festive way to leave your wedding.

Unfortunately the sparklers we bought came in a really awful box, and there’s no way we can give them out looking like that. Fortunately there are some really cute and easy way to dress up the sparklers when you hand them out to your guests!

I’m really excited to make my sparkler send-off cards! Are you having a special send-off?


2 thoughts on “The Wedding Send-Off

  1. There’s nothing like a sparkler send off. There’s something in the golden color of the light, especially at night, that really makes for a memorable end (as captured in your pics). I think for simplicity, and to keep expenses/time to a minimum, I really like the glass full of them. Placed on each table these would look elegant as well as fun.

    Lovely photos! Hope all the plans are really coming together for August.

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