Doodle Invitations

One of the things to be prepared for when planning a wedding: your ideas will change. A few months ago I had an idea for how I wanted the invitations to look, but that has since changed…8 times.

This time, I think I have the final look I want down. Sometimes I get these bursts of creative energy, and I have to go with it, otherwise it won’t get done. It’s kind of irritating, but at least when the creativity does come, I get TONS of stuff done!

I’ve decided to go with an invitation that looks like it was doodled on a piece of notebook paper. Did I mention the wedding was casual? I got the doodle idea from what I wanted to do for our save-the-dates. I decided to make it all streamline, and bring the doodle idea over to the invites.

Here’s a little peek:

I’m really excited with how they are turning out! I also found a great way to include our nerdy side too!

I do have to say that I am a little apprehensive about sending out something so informal, but this is so us that I couldn’t resist. It turns out we’re not alone, other couples also opted for informality! Here are some other cute informal invite ideas! (Note the alliteration…sometimes I can’t help myself)


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