Ring Sizing Debacle & DIY


Today I have a cautionary tale for you. When you get engaged and your super excited to put that ring on, remember, fit is important.

I had my ring sized a while ago, in June or July. When I was finally able to wear my ring all the time, it was November, and it was much looser than I remember. I knew fingers sort of swell in the summer, but a whole ring size? Yup. When going to have it sized again, I found out that, due to the design of the ring, they can only take it down a little bit.

Now a little bit of good news to add to the story: we bought our wedding bands! The reason why I, at least, needed to get them, is so they can solder my two wedding bands on either side of my engagement ring so it all fits.

All of this to say, make sure you know your proper ring size. Don’t get sized when you feel too cold, or too hot. Make sure you are a comfortable temperature when your finger is measured.

In addition, remember that it is always easier for them to size things up rather than down. So if you have to get measured at some extreme body temperature, make sure it’s the cold temp rather than the hot one.

You can measure your own ring size if you want to get a round about measurement before going into the jewelers. First grab a piece of paper, a ruler, a writing implement, and scissors.

Next, measure 4″ long in and 3/4″ thick.


Trace a small rectangle, and cut it out.

Wrap the paper around your ring finger, and make a small mark where the paper meets the end.

Now measure from the end of the paper to where you made the mark.

And compare it to this chart:

Needless to say everything will work out ok, and we got our wedding bands! I’m really excited to see it all together, but I have to cheat a little bit. Since the soldering of the wedding bands is essential to the engagement ring fitting at all, I have to wear the wedding rings before the actual wedding. I’ve been told it’s not bad luck, so we should be ok!


One thought on “Ring Sizing Debacle & DIY

  1. Hey, Manny – what can I say, great mi2&0d#8n3s; Thanks for stopping by – your site looks great, and I am totally envious of your travels and the food you’ve gotten to eat!

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