New Years’ Wedding

We are approaching the end of the year 2012! The state of Maine has graciously allowed us to ring in the new year with over a foot of snow. Unfortunately as someone who works in the news business knows, news doesn’t sleep, in fact, it gets busier! So I had to come in early during a blizzard, blech! The drive was fairly uneventful, but I almost did hit a UPS truck. I’m sure if I had, the truck would have won.

Well anyway, New Years! Call me crazy, but I really like the idea of a wedding on New Years’ Eve! I think there is something magical about saying your vows right around midnight to ring in the new year. I also love the sparkly romanticism of New Years parties. So I wanted to give you some cute New Years inspiration!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re planning a wedding for New Years’ Eve:
1) Keep things small. It might be hard to gather together all your friends and relatives over the holidays, and prices will be high if you want a wedding during that time.

2) Look to family members who might be willing to offer up their house for a New Years’ Eve wedding! You can decorate the house, get married, and ring in the new year with those nearest and dearest!

What do you think about a wedding for New Years’? Crazy? Or super romantic?


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