So You’re the Maid of Honor

Are you the best friend of a bride to be? A close relative? Chances are you will be (or have been) elected Maid of Honor. If you read any of the corporate wedding web sites (brides or Maids of Honor) they clearly list all the “duties” of the Maid of Honor position.

I find all the “duties” that are placed on the Maid of Honor to be a bit ridiculous. First, It is important to understand that the Maid of Honor position, originally, wasn’t exactly an honor. The Maid of Honor would have been instructed to dress just like the bride, and wear a veil hiding her face (like the bride). This was so if anyone wanted to steal the bride away, they might get the wrong girl! Similarly, many cultures believed that evil spirits might want to harm the bride, so if the Maid of Honor looks like her, they might get confused.

It doesn’t exactly sound like a position for your BFF…maybe that second cousin you don’t like instead… So how did the Maid of Honor get stuck with a ‘to do’ list? Having been a Maid of Honor myself, I know that it is a tall order, especially financially. After all you must plan and pay for a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, your dress, and a whole bunch of other things.

So Maids, the best way to stave off the financial burden is to rally together the rest of the bridal party and come up with a plan together. For both parties, nothing big and extravagant needs to be done, and you can all DIY bridal shower decorations. Now the financial cost is split, as well as the burden of putting together parties by yourself.

Here are some adorable DIY projects! My favorite are the Dixie cups attached to a string of lights. How’s that for a $5 decor idea!

If it is impossible to get together with the wedding party to plan and share finances, then it is really important to let the bride know up front that you are pretty much broke. That happened to be my plight as Maid of Honor. And brides, it’s important to realize that this wedding will be a big cost for one girl to handle alone, and while I’m sure your Maid of Honor will do what she can, it may be helpful to eliminate a party, or point her to a family member willing to help.

In my case, I eliminated both parties. We have a lot of household items already, and like I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of bachelorette parties. I want my Maid of Honor there for moral support, and maybe crafting help. 😉


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