My Counter-Culture Thoughts On Bachlor/Bachelorette Parties


With the movies like, “The Hangover” and “Bachelorette” out it looks like the Bachelor/Bachelorette party isn’t going out of style. Maybe I’m older than my age, maybe I’m strange, but I hate the idea of the traditional drunken revelry that is the Bachelor/Bachelorette party. And now, since people are getting married later in life, it’s just starting to look like a person trying to re-live their college years all in one night.

It seems like the men go out to get as drunk as possible, and have as much *kosher* sexual experiences as they can and the Bachelorette party still includes copious amounts of alcohol but the women make sure to festoon themselves in as many phallic symbols as they can. In either case it seems that the people involved wish to make as big an ass of themselves as possible.

Since I don’t really have a grasp what goes on at Bachelor parties, I only have the Bachelorette side to go on. I just don’t see the point of getting totally trashed, and laughing at penis-shaped straws. I implore you not to participate in the juvenile drunken stupor that is the traditional Bachelor/Bachelorette party. Save your Facebook from the most embarrassing photos you might ever take.

Now before I get labeled a “spoil-sport” I’m a big advocate of spending quality time with your bridal party, and just generally having a good time. Play board games, watch a movie, eat out, all these things are great options for a fun “girlfriends'” party to have. If we all quit making complete asses out of ourselves, maybe we can reform the Bachelor/Bachelorette party idea and make “The Hangover” an archaic (albeit hilarious) movie of the past.

UN-acceptable party items:

ACCEPTABLE party items (because they are cute)

Am I alone here? Is anyone else tired of this?


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