To Change The Name Or Not?

I am so excited that we just had our first engagement shoot! Our photographer was the lovely Casey of Hello Love Photography. She was brilliant, but we were probably a little awkward. I take back everything I said about America’s Next Top Model contestants, being gorgeous and adorable is hard! We can’t wait to get them back!

So around this time of year, I love my last name. Let’s just say I share a kinship with a certain man in a big red suit. šŸ˜‰ So I became a little bit sad when I realized that this the last year for me to see people do a double take when they hear my last name. It sounds trivial but it makes me feel sort of…special.

So that brings me to: should I change my last name? There are a lot of annoying downsides to changing your name, whether you want to change it completely, or even hyphenate. The process looks totally exhausting.


Just looking at this picture gives me a headache. I had only gotten to step one, but then to consider all of the things in my life will need a horrible upheaval makes me just want to forget about the whole thing.

On the other hand, having to explain to everyone why I haven’t changed my name to people might be just as obnoxious.

I’m curious to hear from those who have traversed this road before. After doing a little research I may have found an awesome solution for those that still have $30 left after their wedding. The site Miss Now Mrs has an easy process that for about $30 you can get all of your necessary documents changed without much hassle. It looks like the lesser forms will still be up to you though.

So. Are you changing? Hyphenating? Or are you making a weird hybrid? That is a thing now. I am on the fence about it. Smith and Jones becomes Sones, or Jith. There might be something to creating your own history, but at the same time last names are so steeped in history, it might be hard to give that up.

I’m sure I’ll still be struggling with this up until the wedding. Is anyone else having a hard time?


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