Stop Motion Save The Dates

First of all, I want to highlight that I am writing this blog for the first time on my new iPad! It was a Christmas gift and I’m super excited about it (even if the hubs did go over his Christmas budget…he spoils me).

So in order to offset the cost of Christmas, and still pay for the wedding, I am not sending out any paper Save The Dates. Technology is becoming more and more prevalent in everything we do and why not use it to our advantage? I could have just designed a Save The Date email, but I wanted to sort of jazz it up a bit.

Stop motion videos are something I’ve played with in the past and I thought it would be a lot of fun to try it with our Save The Dates. This is something everyone can do but it does require some equipment first.

To start off, you need a digital camera, preferably not in your phone or mobile device. You also should probably have some sort of tripod to keep the camera steady. You also need some sort of video equipment software. I’m not sure about PCs but I know Macs come preloaded with iMovie, which will work just fine.

Once you have a working knowledge of all your software and equipment the actual making of the movie, while time consuming, is really simple.

For instance, I am going to, step by step, open this puzzle box, spell out “We’re engaged” and “Save The Date” as well as a few other things. For your stop motion film, just look at every action as a step by step process and capture every slight movement with a single picture on your digital camera.

Once you have captured the action in its entirety and have all your photos, import them into your video editing software and put them together in sequential order, add some music, and voila! You have your video!

Once you have your video and export it, you can create a You-Tube account to post it online. When your video has its own link, your Save-The-Dates are Ready to send! Not everyone on the guest list may be tech-savy, but most everyone has e-mail. As long as you make it clear to click on the link you provide, everyone should get your video without issue.

Check out a stop motion video I made here.

Are any of you sending out electronic Save-The-Dates? It is certainly going to save lots of good money on printing costs and postage costs!


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